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How To Perfect Your Fake Tan And Make It Seem Super Real

How To Perfect Your Fake Tan And Make It Seem Super Real

How To Perfect Your Fake Tan And Make It Seem Super Real

The sun-kissed glow is something that we all strive for. For many of us, however, getting that natural tan can be harder said than done, so fake it until you make it! With these tips hopefully, you will be able to perfect your fake tan game and make it seem super real!


In order for a fake tan to it on your skin smoothly and look super natural, is to exfoliate first! You can use exfoliating gloves or a scrub to accomplish this. Have a nice warm shower to soften the skin before scrubbing off the dead skin. Scrub in circular motions all over the body to make sure the skin is as smooth as possible. Tip: if you are choosing to use a coffee scrub or another body scrub that includes natural oils, do not use the scrub immediately before tanning. Wait approximately 12 hours before tanning so that the oils are no longer sitting on the surface of your skin. This is the first step to making your fake tan seem super real!


After you have exfoliated moisturise! Before you tan, moisturise lightly over the driest parts of your body. This would include your elbows, knees, your knuckles, and your ankles. Moisturising these places before you tan will help to make sure that fake tan does not stick to these dry areas. This is an important step that many neglect, but it will make a world of difference. Your tan will be looking super natural with this step!


Fake Tan

Now it’s time to pick a fake tan. These days you can buy fake tans with a number of different undertones to fit any skin tone. It’s not one shade fits all, believe me! For all my natural pale ladies out there, pick a fake tan that has an ash base. This will ensure that you have a natural, cool-toned tan. Ash bases can be somewhat tricky to locate, but if that fails, a green undertone tan can work for any skin tone. If you have an olive undertone to your skin, or you tan very easily in the sun, try a tan that has a violet undertone. Once again, green based tans are an all-rounder if you can’t get your hands on the other two. Now for the face! For an easy and streak free tan for the face try some face tanning drops. Mix this in with your face moisturiser and continue your skin routine. Face tanning drops are a quick and easy way to tan your face, and this also makes it easy to top up if your face starts looking a little dull, especially with daily cleansing and toning. You will be looking golden in no time!

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Final Touches

Many think that once you have tanned your job is done! But no no no, there are a few final touches that will make your tan look as natural as possible. Once you have washed off your fake tan, have a look over your knees or your elbows. If they look a little darker than the rest of your body grab your exfoliating mitt and VERY gently scrub off a little excess tan to blend everything together. Now that everything is even, make sure to moisturise daily! doing this will ensure that as your tan fades away, it does so evenly, so that you don’t start to look like a tiger loaf. If you want to keep your tan topped up for weeks to come, try swapping your daily moisturiser with a gradual tan moisturiser. This will help you keep your glow for weeks!


Did any of these tips surprise you? Let us know! Keep us updated on how well you have perfected your fake tan!

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