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How To Pack Your Suitcase Correctly So You Can Buy More Overseas

How To Pack Your Suitcase Correctly So You Can Buy More Overseas

How To Pack Your Suitcase Correctly So You Can Buy More Overseas

If you’re a lover of fashion, food, memories, and more, you’re one to pack your suitcase to the brim! Here are our best tips to pack your suitcase correctly to fit more and enjoy your trip to the fullest!

Start Light

I don’t know who need to hear this but you don’t need to pack that. Pack your luggage as light as possible before you leave! Yes, it’s possible to travel for 6 weeks on 5kgs of luggage! If so, you can pack even lighter for a shorter trip. Remind yourself that you don’t need to pack so strictly, whatever you need, you can probably buy. No matter how many clothes you want to pack for that perfect Instagram picture, you will definitely be able to buy more overseas.

Tips To Pack As Light As Possible


No matter how boring a t-shirt can get, the right accessories can change up the outfit to fit the style you want to go for that day! I like to pack hats, jewellery, and make up that I know will be useful throughout my trip!



One just for sleeping and two for styling. Depending on what season you’re travelling, it’s recommended to bring one oversized tee and a long-sleeve. Whether you tuck them in or leave them out, the style changes dramatically. You can even layer the long-sleeve under the short sleeve for those winter trips.

Outer Wear

Two outer wear items; this includes one hoodie and one jacket for a winter trip! If you’re travelling in summer one light shirt jacket and one jacket is a definitely preferable. If you’re feeling especially stylish, a blazer can be easily worn a number of ways. 

Extra Baggage

If you feel that you’re absolutely going to go crazy on shopping, I highly recommend packing a duffle bag and extra locks to fall back on.


How To Pack Correctly

Roll Your Clothes

Don’t fold them! Roll them as tightly as possible to fit more. For thicker clothes like hoodies and overalls, they all have their own unique way of folding that keeps it compact and neat. I like to tuck in the top part of my overalls into the bottom before I found them like jeans or folding my hoodies and tucking it into the hood!


Use your belts to tie down jackets or other clothing that’s harder to fold so that it stays compact, allowing you to pack more.

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Shoes, Socks, And Underwear

We all know how to roll our socks to keep the pairs together but if you place the socks on top of each other, roll it and then tuck it in its pair, you can fit way more socks! Same goes with underwear, instead of keeping them in a bag or however, actually roll them too! Roll it all! At the end of your trip, stuff your socks into your shoes in your luggage!

Vacuum Seal-able Bags

This is some next level need to shop but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. Most hotels and airbnbs usually provide a vacuum so you’re in luck to pack your suitcase with some vacuum bags. This is particularly useful if you’re going overboard on the stuffed toys or jackets!

Do You Need To Buy That?

Something everyone needs to hear on their holiday is, do you really need that? I know sometimes it feels like you need to buy everything and anything and yes I 100% endorse buying things before you regret it (since remember, you will probably never see it again!) but again, people are so easily swayed into buying things they will never wear or use back at home and luggage space so it ultimately comes down to being smart about what you’re buying!


What are some tips you would share to others? Those are our best tips to pack your suitcase in the most space saving way as possible! 

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