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How To Master the No Makeup Makeup Look, And Rock It

How To Master the No Makeup Makeup Look, And Rock It

The no makeup makeup look is trending right now. Here is how to rock the no makeup look and feel comfortable while also looking presentable.

Mastering the no makeup makeup look is one of the hardest things and sometimes takes longer than a glamorous night out look because you really got to blend that foundation so it looks natural. This makeup look is perfect for a casual day out, Sunday activities in jeans or even a daytime date.

1. Taking care of your skin

One of the most important things is actually what you do before you put on your makeup. You really need to do a thorough skin care routine and moisturise your skin really well. This will help the foundation or the concealer to blend much easier.



2. Subtle highlight and contour

After you are done with your morning skin care, grab a bit of liquid highlighter and apply a very small amount under your brow bone, bridge of the nose, inner corner of your eye, cupid’s bow and diagonal to your cheekbone. But when you do this make sure your highlighter is liquid and that you have applied a very small amount. This is an important part of the makeup makeup look.

Apply your foundation and first blend it with your fingers and afterwards with a damp beauty blender. This will help the makeup to cover everything without looking cakey.

Just because you are doing a no makeup makeup look, it doesn’t mean you cannot contour. Contouring can be done in a very minimal way without anyone realising. Again, sticking to liquid products put tiny dots of contour on your cheekbone and bronzer underneath. Blend this really well and make sure it doesn’t look like someone has drawn a line on your face. You can make it look slightly sharper by applying a small amount of concealer underneath the contour diagonally.




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3. Natural eye shadow look

When you are done with your skin, we can now move on to the eyes. It is very important to keep the eyes as minimal as possible because no one has blue glitter or eyeliner naturally on their eyelids. For this you can use a powder contour or a bronzer and apply it t your cut crease with a small eye shadow brush. After you blend that it, you can apply the highlighter you have used and put it on the centre of the eyelid. After this take an eye pencil (black or brown depending on your eye and skin colour) and apply two dots on the outer corner of your upper lash line and two dots on the outer corner of your lower lash line.


4. Blend, blend, blend!

After this grab a small brush or by using your pinky, blend the dots all over your lash lines. This will enhance your eyes without anyone even realising what you have done.


Last but not least don’t forget your mascara as it pulls together your no makeup makeup look. Grab light mascara and apply it to your upper lashes. Or you can use really powerful mascara that will make it seem like you’ve only put a tiny bit of makeup in the morning.

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