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How To Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

How To Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Are you bored with your dorm room? Doesn't it feel cosy yet? Here are 10 great ways to make your dorm room super cute and feel more like home.

Decorating your room can be so much fun! It’s your space and you can do literally whatever you want with it. Well, not literally whatever you want because most dorm rooms have a set of terms and conditions you have to abide by.

Although, having said that, you can do literally anything you want with this space, as long as you are mindful of your terms and conditions and like the idea of getting your deposit back at the end of your tenancy.

Here are 10 great ways to make your dorm room super cute and feel more like home.


Photo frames filled with pictures of your friends and family

A great way to make your room feel more homely is by putting up pictures of you and your friends and family. You could use cute photo frames or fairy lights with pegs on them and hang your polaroid’s all over your room.

Fairy lights

Most college or university dorms don’t allow you to burn candles, so fairy lights are probably the next best thing! They can give an immediate cosy feel to your dorm room.

Mood Lighting

It is important to switch between revision lighting and mood lighting from time to time in order to make your room feel more cosy and homely.


Mood lighting can be easily achieved through lava lamps, fairy lights, bedside table lamps, just to mention a few.

Bring things from your bedroom from home

It wouldn’t be totally uncool to bring a stuffed bear to university with you alongside some other home comforts.

An Aesthetic Bed set topped off with Cosy Blankets and Pillows

This might sound odd but try and come up with a colour scheme for your bed. Then decorate it with loads of comfy and super soft blankets and cushions making your bed extremely cosy.


Invest in a Cute Rug

Preferably a rug that matches the colour scheme of your bed.

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Dorm rooms don’t often have carpeted floors so having a rug on the floor will give your room a lot of warmth and panache.


Find Creative Ways to Decorate

Most places don’t let you put up posters because the blue tack can often leave stains on the wall but almost every dorm comes with a pinboard that is technically for notices and important reminders. Although, you could also use this board to pin up pictures of family and friends as well as the occasional positive quote.

Keep it Organised

I think keeping your room tidy is probably the best way to keep your mind and room organised. You could get some pretty cheap (but incredibly cute) baskets from Primark because it will make storing clothes and books a lot easier whilst giving off the general allure that your room is neat.

Let your personality be a big part of the decoration process

Your style could be chic, bohemian, preppy, regal or minimal. It’s important to let your personality shine through during the decoration process. The idea is to make your room reflect your personality as much as possible and make it somewhere you love to hang out in.


Music and Speakers

The best way to make your dorm more homely is to make it somewhere you can play your favourite tunes. Music is probably the best cure for any form of homesickness, and it will make you want to hang out in your room a lot more too!

There are so many ways to make your dorm room homely but here are a few suggestions. Please do comment below if you can think of any more ideas.

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