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How To Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

How To Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Want to make your dorm room feel like home? Incorporate these 5 tips into your new uni dorm room to transform your bland apartment to a cosy second home!

Moving away from home and living in student accommodation for university with people you’ve never met before can be quite daunting. Your dorm room in halls is your new home and is the place where you not only sleep but where you sometimes study and spend your downtime so why not make it feel more comfortable and inviting? There’s nothing worse than feeling homesick or stressed out from uni and wanting to have time on your own in your own space so it’s important to make your dorm room feel like a home away from home.

1. Hang Up Photos That Mean Something To You

Most university dorm rooms have a pin board in them which is a great tool to use to make your room feel homier. Bringing photos you have of your friends and family from home can make a great addition to your dorm room as they’re a nice personal touch. University is also a great time to take loads of polaroid pictures of the new memories and friends you’re making and can be a great hobby to have in your downtime as you can start creating your own polaroid collage on your pinboard too. Not only will some of the photos remind you of home but the new ones will make you feel more comfortable living away from home because of the new memories and people you’ve met.

2. Cosy Decor Pieces

If you have a cosy blanket or throw at home and you want to take it to university with you or it fits with your dorm room theme, bring it with you! If you don’t already have a thick comfy blanket or throw then I highly recommend getting one as they’re not only useful for curling up in during the colder weather but they’re a nice decorative piece to add to your room. Adding a soft rug also adds another element of warmth to your dorm room. Picking a blanket/throw and rug that reflects your taste and personality can make your dorm room feel very homey because the warmth and texture they provide can make your space more relaxed and inviting.


3. Succulents & Plants

Adding a few small plants or succulents to your dorm room is a nice way of bringing some life and colour to the room whilst still giving you that homey, personalised touch. However, if you’re quite forgetful or the lazy type I would suggest getting artificial versions instead because you can get some great fake plants and succulents that look very real and they require no work to look after.

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5. Lights & Wall Hangings

For another homey touch, warm lighting is the way to go. You can add small fairy lights around your dorm room or even invest in a nice lamp for a warm and cosy feel. Dorm room walls are usually quite bland and neutral so adding a nice piece of art, a few posters or even a wall tapestry can make the room feel more snug and homely. They are also a great way of adding some personality to the room.


5.  Make Your Bed A Priority

Sleep is so important in general, not just at university. So making sure your dorm room bed is as comfortable as possible is a must. Getting yourself a mattress topper might be a bit extra but is definitely worth it if you want that extra level of cosy. Although, you might now struggle to get out of bed in the morning because it now feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud. Picking bedding and cushions that fit your aesthetic or theme is also another amazing personalised touch for making your dorm room homier. The combination of fluffy pillows, soft bedding and a comfy mattress topper means you’re fully equipped to have a heavenly night’s sleep every night after a long day at uni.

Make sure to leave a comment if these 5 tips have given you some inspiration on how to decorate your own dorm room! Not only will they help you to feel more at home in your dorm room, but they’re great ways to express your creativity and style.

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