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How To Make Your Dorm Room Fancy AF On A Student Budget

How To Make Your Dorm Room Fancy AF On A Student Budget

If you're heading off to university and want to decorate your dorm, here are some ideas for how to make your dorm room fancy AF on a uni budget!

Feeling comfy, cozy and relaxed in your new dorm room is super important, especially as a first year student leaving home for the first time! If you’re looking to decorate your dorm like you’ve daydreamed about for months now, but don’t know how to begin, we’re here to help. You may be strapped for cash, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a gorgeous dorm room! Here are some awesome ideas for how to make your dorm room fancy AF on that uni budget!

1. The Right Rug

Cover up that rather obnoxious puke-green carpet with a much more attractive rug. If you want to open up a room, go with a light colour (though beware of tea stains), or go for something bright to keep things fresh and fun. A little faux sheepskin rug is also a great way to add some texture and give your toes a little treat.

Rugs are a great way to make your dorm look fancy AF!


2. Pillows And Throws

Got an ugly purple chair? Throw a cute blanket over it, pop a cushion on and you practically have a brand new chair. They’re also the best for making a cosy and comfortable bed, which is extremely important for when you need somewhere to hide from your thousands of deadlines. Plus, they really make a bed look much fancier; if you think about snazzy hotels, their beds are always covered in pillows and throws so really, more is more. Choose soft tones to create a calming atmosphere, or go for some pops of colour to keep you perky.

Pillows and throws are a great way to make your dorm look fancy AF!

3. Utilise That Pin Board

Many dorm rooms can come with a pin board, so really, don’t let it go to waste. If not, go out and buy one, they’re super cheap! Put whatever you want up there: concert tickets, postcards, photos, calendars, quotes, whatever your heart desires. You can even get creative with it and use ribbons, washi tape or cute bunting to really add some flare. Best thing of all is that most of this stuff you’ve probably already got, which makes this one even better.


Creating a mood board is a great way to make your dorm look fancy AF!

4. Display Your Pretty Things

Another literally free way to decorate is to show off what you’ve already got. Those gorgeous heels? That handbag that is just to die for? Those absolutely drop dead dazzling earrings? Don’t shove them in the dark in your wardrobe, display them for all the word to see! There are so many ways to do this- you could keep your fave shoes in a line just under your bed, or pop that bag by your door, so people dropping by always see them and think just how freaking beautiful they are. You could even display earrings on your pin board- how’s that for innovative?

Displaying your shoes and bags is a great way to make your dorm look fancy AF!


5. Add Some (Artificial) Greenery

Plants always add life, even if they’re not actually alive themselves. Real plants are far too much stress- when feeding yourself is hard enough, how are you supposed to do that for another living thing too? So just fake the look of being able to care for a plant with a fake one. Flowers can always make you happy, so why not pick up some fake ones in your favourite colours? A fake grass or little bush can also add a nice bit of textured greenness. Plus, buying them fake means only buying once and not having to buy fresh when they inevitably wilt/die/rot.

Artificial greenery is a great way to make your dorm fancy AF!

6. Blue Tack Is Your Best Friend.

In most accommodations, you can use blue tack on your walls (seriously you can as long as you don’t leave any marks), so go to town. Cover your walls with posters, paintings: honestly whatever you want, but just make sure you do it, because it makes all the difference to those slightly off grey concrete walls that just look so homely (not).


Using blue tack to hang things is a great idea to make your dorm fancy AF!

7. Book shelves Aren’t Just For Books

You don’t just have to use them for books, oh no. Obviously put the books that know..need for your degree on there, but don’t let your mind stop there. Get creative and put whatever you want up there. It’s a great place to put photo frames, since we can’t hang things from the wall, or a nice place to display some pretty perfumes, or even your wonderful fake plants that you bought earlier 😉


Decorating your shelves is a great way to make you dorm room fancy AF!

8. Light It Up

Now, your accommodation guidelines might tell you that you are not allowed fairy lights, but you are in fact allowed battery-operated ones. However, let’s be real for a second, what kind of residential tutor has time to check if you have some cute-ass fairy lights in your room? Yeah they don’t, so go ahead and put up some fairy lights, because they literally make everything look so much better so quickly and with such minimal effort. So whack em up there, you can thank us later.


Fairy lights are a great way to make your dorm room fancy AF!

Do you have any more ideas for how to make your dorm room fancy AF on a student budget? Let us know in the comments!

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How To Make Your Dorm Room Fancy AF On A Student Budget