How To Make Halloween Outfits From High Street Stores

Halloween can be a stressful time, especially when planning your Halloween outfits. I mean, you have to think of a really cool costume idea and then search high and low to try to find all the components to it, not to mention the fact that most costumes can be quite uncomfortable and unpractical to wear out in public! With that being said, if you want to have a stressful, easy Halloween then why not try shopping for everyday clothes at high street stores to create your Halloween looks. With this, you can also just pick out bits of clothing in your wardrobe that look a bit Halloweenie as well as go to the high street to get some gothic, dark looking pieces that will pass as epic Halloween outfits, instead of costumes. This is a great thing to consider if you are going to a more high end Halloween bash- like for work or if you just hate dressing up like a monstrous freak in general! Either way, dressing from the high street for Halloween will give you piece of mind, clothing that you can wear again- instead of only once, and will also make you look incredibly stylish as well!

So let’s get right into it! Here is how to make Halloween outfits from high street stores- and if you want to purchase the items then be sure to click on the pictures provided…

1. H & M- 50 Shades Darker inspired Black Dress With A Lace Mask

This is a classic look which will be great for Halloween! A nice looking LBD with a matching mask and a red lip really gives off a 50 Shades Darker vibe as it mirrors the look Anastasia wears during one of the parties in the film as well as on the actual film promotion poster! With this being said, it will portray you as a mysterious, gothic yet highly elegant temptress- one who should not be messed with! This is also a look which can be recycled as you can not go wrong with wearing a LBD on any  occasion where you need to dress up and it is also a dress type that every girl has within their wardrobes, making it a Halloween outfit that is easy and cheap to pull off!

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2. New Look- Cher From Clueless

It goes without saying that Clueless is one of the best teen movies ever and Cher herself is a pop culture icon! Going as Cher for Halloween can be made easy with this yellow check pleated skirt you can buy from New Look! This was one of the incredible outfits that Alicia Silverstone wore in the epic movie, making it one of the best Halloween outfits you can create from the high street!

It is ok if you can’t find a matching blazer to go with the skirt as a plain black top tucked in looks just as great and also more in style in today’s day and age anyways- I’m sure Cher will approve of the fashion improvisation! Finally, to complete the look get yourself a pink fluffy pen to mimic Cher’s and you’re done! You are bound to be looking like a 90’s babe with this Halloween outfit. It is definitely a look to try out for sure and one which can be worn out on a day to day basis, making it a smart outfit choice wouldn’t you say?

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3. Dorothy Perkins- Fairy Princess Inspired Rose Pink Embroidered Maxi Dress

This high street Halloween outfit is to die for! If you are a girly girl and therefore like all things pink and pretty then you should definitely consider dressing up like a fairy princess this Halloween. This Dorothy Perkins dress is so beautiful and fairy-like, which will look great with a pair of fairy wings, a wand and a floral crown! Rocking this outfit from the high street will be sure to make you look like a vision of beauty amongst all the dressed up monsters of the night! 😉 It can also be worn again for a wedding or evening party- minus all the fairy accessories of course!!!

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And there we have it, some amazing looking Halloween outfits from the high street! Comment down below which look you will be recreating on the 31st and also which high street store you love to shop at the most!
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Simranjeet Aulakh

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