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How To Make Friends In Southampton

How To Make Friends In Southampton

Here are a few ways to make friends in Southampton while you are going to Uni. Making friends can be challenging sometimes. Here's how to in Southampton!

Going to university is difficult for a lot of reasons. In most cases you move out and are away from your family and away from everything you know. You’re a lot more independent. But independence can feel a lot like loneliness when you’re in a new city where you don’t know anyone. Here are some tips on how make friends while studying at Southampton.


When at university societies are always going to be the best way to meet new people. You get to meet people outside of your courses, other levels in their university degree all while bonding over a shared interest. With the many different societies on offer these days, from feminist societies, to Acapella and pole dancing, there’s a million different ways to meet people and have fun.


Your Course

University can be awkward and jarring at first. Who are these people? Why am I suddenly incapable of going to bed at a decent hour? Why am I paying nine thousand pounds to go to a 9am lecture that is mostly a PowerPoint copy and pasted from Wikepedia?

But the people on your course will always be a great source of friendship. Introduce yourself, make small talk and when they plan a course get together, don’t blow it off. Go. I mean, you all picked the same course, you’re bound to have something in common. And if it’s a little awkward, push through. Building a rapport can sometimes take a minute, it doesn’t mean you’re doomed. Plus, when it comes time to get down to work you’re going to want people to not do homework in the library with.

Don’t be afraid to set up events too. Offer to have pre-drinks at your place. While this may kill the mystery around your very intriguing persona, it will amp up your possibilities of retiring from being Billy No Mates by a hundred.



While taking on extra responsibility outside of university may feel cumbersome, volunteering can be a great way to meet new like-minded people. Most volunteering can be quite fun and you’re bound to find something interesting and social. I mean, there are volunteering positions in Southampton where you can train puppies. I mean, think of all the great puppy loving friends you’ll make. Need I say more?

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You know when you work some place and you all complain about how horrible your boss is? Use that. Getting a part time job is a sure way to meet some people and actually make friends in Southampton. While some people at work can be intolerable there can also be the person who is your work ally, the person who doesn’t grass on you when you pretend you’re sick so you can go to a party and who is part of the reason you have a hangover the next morning. And that person will more than likely be there for you to talk to. You just got to be willing to start a conversation. Complain about work and plot your escape Prison Break style. Make jokes. Make work less work-y and have people’s backs. That goes a long way making friends anywhere.

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