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How To Make A Salad Feel Like A Treat While Eating Clean

How To Make A Salad Feel Like A Treat While Eating Clean

Here is how to make a salad clean and healthy while still tasting delicous. Eating healthy can be tough, with these tips everything will taste like a treat!

Whenever people hear the word salad they usually think of direct connotations of diets, health kicks, and hunger. It’s true, salads can be really boring and often don’t leave much to be desired – that is of course when they’re done wrong. I’ll admit it, I’m a self-confessed salad lover, and it’s definitely not because I’m health obsessed! It’s because I learnt that you can literally put whatever you like into a salad, and it’s still a salad, and probably still better for you than a bowl of rich pasta or a ready-meal. You can receive all the benefits of a nutritious salad as well as enjoy it by combining some of these suggestions into your recipes. Here are some of my tricks on how to make a salad feel like a treat!

Use Hummus As A Dressing

Sometimes I don’t even put dressing on a salad, I just load on a generous spoonful of hummus, instantly giving the meal a creamy consistency and loads of flavour! My favourite flavours (who am I kidding, I love them all) are Sweet Red Pepper, Moroccan, Caramelised Onion and who could forget Classic. You can find loads of flavours to choose from in most supermarkets, or can even opt for making your own – you’ll find loads of easy recipes online!

Ditch The Lettuce

I think probably one of the main components of how to make a salad which deters people is the lettuce. The good news is you don’t even need to include it! Some of my favourite lettuce alternatives to make salad with are couscous with Mediterranean vegetables; chickpeas with cucumber, lemon and red onion; wholemeal pasta with balsamic vinegar, sundried tomatoes and olives; and finally roasted vegetables with grilled halloumi. Ditch the lettuce and get creative, I promise it’ll feel like a treat!


Incorporate Your Favourite Food

Incorporating your favourite food into a salad will automatically make it feel like a treat! My favourite thing to add to mine is warm falafel as it’s my go-to topping for anything. Love bacon? Add it in. Mozzarella? Do it. Feta cheese? Absolutely do it. Personalize it to suit your tastes on how to make a salad and I guarantee you’ll barely realise you’ve opted for a healthier meal option.

Buy A Spiralizer

Spiralizers can make any vegetable look like spaghetti and that is automatically fun – the more appealing your salad looks (and perhaps instagrammable), the more it’ll feel like a treat! You can spiralize courgette, carrot, butternut squash, and even peppers! I find that warm spiralized courgette (courgetti) has such a similar consistency to pasta that your stomach will no doubt be fooled!

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Use Infused Oils

I’ve recently become addicted to infused oils, my two favourites of the moment being garlic infused olive oil and chilli infused olive oil. If I’m making a warm salad I always fry my vegetables in an oil like this then drizzle a bit all over at the end. They add so much flavour to the vegetables and go particularly well in a pasta salad! This is an important one when it comes to how to make a salad.

Don’t Be Scared of “Fattening” Toppings

Obviously if you strictly eat salads with “low fat” toppings it’s most likely going to be dull and not inspire you to go back for seconds. I’m not saying you should load your salad up with high-fat everything, only that ingredients such as pasta, cheese and creamy dressings don’t necessarily need to be boycotted. The great thing about salads is that you make them from scratch and they therefore are considerable healthier than any pre-made foods, so don’t worry too much about the toppings!

Can you think of any other ways on how to make a salad feel like a treat? Let us know in the comments below!

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