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How To Live Life Without Body Image Insecurities

How To Live Life Without Body Image Insecurities

Body image is one of the most talked-about topics in today’s society. Both women and men are carrying around insecurities which are damaging their mental health every single day, and that’s not a healthy, fulfilling way to live this one life we’re given. By no means am I saying I’m perfect, but I can confidently say that I don’t waste my time feeling insecure about my body, and here’s the mindset that allows me to feel so secure…


When you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, of course it’s not your finest hour! Everyone has bed hair wildly flopping all over the place, sleepy dust crusting the corners of their eyes, fresh spots that weren’t there yesterday…it’s normal! Learning to accept your face in the mornings is the first step to a positive attitude towards body image. Giggle at your bed hair, wipe the sleep out of your eyes and give those whiteheads a good squeeze!


A little ignorance

When you step into the shower, instead of critically examining your naked body, focus on the cleansing sensation that the water gives you – waking you up for the day ahead. Stop looking for faults to pick at, and instead admire the body you’ve been given, from top to bottom. There are probably many aspects of my body that I could be insecure about, but the fact is, I don’t look for them, and therefore I don’t find them.

A carefree attitude

There seems to be a bit of a stigma surrounding girls, and certainly guys, wearing make-up. The concept of catfishing, aided by photoshop tools, has made society believe that make-up is used to hide people’s true identity and falsely beautify themselves. Whilst it’s largely true that most people who wear make-up feel more confident with it, it isn’t with the intention to deceive others. In fact, it seems it’s mostly to deceive themselves by covering up their insecurities. Whilst it’s perfectly fine to wear make-up to make ourselves feel good; we should also feel entirely comfortable without it. Not caring what others think is a huge part of having no body image insecurities, so let go, be yourself, and focus on the important things in life.


A sense of separatism from falsities

Similarly, ‘fake’ aspects, of girls’ appearances in particular, such as boobs, eyelashes, nails, tan, hair etc can simply make you happy and be seen as an exciting treat for those who view beautifying as a hobby and something separate from themselves. However, using all these falsities as part of your identity because you dislike these natural aspects of yourself is not healthy at all. Viewing these things as luxuries, rather than necessities is the key to a positive self-body image.

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A love for my wardrobe

When it comes to clothes, we all have different tastes and styles that suit our figure the most. Owning what you wear and not worrying about what’s on show is vital to increase body confidence. Whilst trying on ten different outfits before a night out can be fun if you’re spoilt for choice, if you’re finding faults in each one, it’s not so fun. Pick an outfit and roll with it and when your loved ones or even strangers compliment you, use it to squash any underlying insecurities.

The desire to have amazing sex

Having body image insecurities during sex is hugely restrictive. If you’re fretting about your stretch marks, your prominent veins, your awkwardly placed mole whilst getting intimate with someone, you won’t be enjoying the moment (and you probably won’t be doing a very good job!). Refusing to take certain items of clothing off or get naked with the lights on is truly restricting your sexual experience. The insecurities are all in your head, meaning that your partner will have absolutely no idea what they are. Plus, being totally body confident is often more attractive to a sexual partner as it makes them feel as if you are entirely focused on them and committed to the activity about to take place. I guarantee that you’ll have better sex once you lose your inhibitions.


Are your body image insecurities weighing you down? Let us know if this article has helped you to change your perspective.

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