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How To Live In Liverpool As If You’re In London

How To Live In Liverpool As If You’re In London

Here's how to live in Liverpool as if you were in London. Living in London is an expensive and competive world. Here's how Liverpool living is great!

Liverpool is a great city to live in but all students want to land an office at a big company in London. It’s the universal dream: live in a big city and get the London experience after graduating. However, in a world filled with grads where each entry level job is hunted Hunger Games style, getting that corner office in London can be… well, impossible! Have you ever wondered how to live in Liverpool that way?


Instead of dreaming of London, you can focus on getting the big city experience in Liverpool. Yes, a city with 500k population doesn’t offer as many internship and job opportunities as big boss London, but if you play your cards wisely, you can win the jackpot. Start by thinking of Liverpool as a small business: it has lots of limits, but dozens of opportunities. Here’s how to live in Liverpool as if you’re in London.


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Work on your faults

While big cities like London offer loads of internship opportunities, most of them involve making coffee. Holding such a position might look good on your resume, at the first glance, but when the next employer will ask what skills did you mastered in this internship, things can get sour.

Luckily, small college towns offer more lucrative internships. You are more likely to find a position where you can work on improving your weaknesses. This will provide you with the opportunity to grow, which is more important for your career on the long term. Focus on finding an internship where you can actually evolve, not a position that will look good on the paper.


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Networking is very important for getting a job or an internship. A small city offers more opportunities to get noticed, both online and offline.


Use your social media accounts to promote yourself. Follow companies you are interested in and connect with their employees in groups. Reaching out to people who work in the company you target is a good way to get noticed.

Offline, make sure you attend to workshops and meetings in your field. Interacting with experienced people will provide you the opportunity to learn from them. Even a small chat can give you valuable information. Make sure you will stand out from the crowd by offering your business card to people you meet. Yes, you need to have a business card and learn how to use it, even if you are a student. Learning the business card etiquette will help you present yourself in front of potential employers. This will show you are willing to go one step ahead and you are serious about getting a job.

Networking is a continuous process, so be consistent with your efforts, both online and offline. It’s crucial if you’d like to live in Liverpool.


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Be one step ahead of employers

Known as the digital footprint, the actions you take online can make a potential employer notice you. Most companies promote their internships and jobs months in advance and they start looking for candidates right away. If they see you’ve been active online for months before they’ve advertised their position, they will be more willing to consider you for the position. Joining a club or group when a company posts a job is not going to land you that job. Always be proactive and stay one step ahead of employers.

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Think outside the box

Small college towns provide important opportunities: you can look for a job outside your bachelor, as long as you have the skills the company is looking for. There are many companies which look for people with certain skills, so contact them and see where it goes.


Use your college

You are a student and this means you belong to a big university. Universities have clubs and publications, where you can work to get noticed and gain networking opportunities. Maximize this advantage! When you are active in your own university, your teachers notice you. Universities and their staff are connected, so you might get lucky: a teacher can recommend you to a peer from another university. Your university can be a powerful tool for your career, if you know how to use it to maximize your experience.

All in one, a smaller city, like Liverpool can offer amazing opportunities for you, as long as you know how to use them for your own benefit. There’s no way you wouldn’t want to live in Liverpool!

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