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How To Know For Sure If They’re Into You

How To Know For Sure If They’re Into You

Tired of deliberating over whether or not they're into you? Follow these foolproof tips to figure out if they're really interested in you.

Looking for love is difficult at the best of times, but in the age of dating apps and social media it’s harder than ever to work out whether someone is really into you, or just liking your pics for the like back. Here are some fail-safe ways to figure out whether or not they’re really into you.

1) You’re worth their time

Its so easy to like someones Instagram or leave a heart-eyes emoji on a post, it takes merely a matter of seconds. If someone is truly into you, they’ll take the time to try and get to know you and spend time with you. Sometimes it can just be plucking up the courage to message you directly, coming over to you at a party to strike up a conversation, or calling you for a chat. The key to not mistaking this for someone trying to take advantage is the conversation aspect. If someone is taking their time to talk to you, get to know you and is genuinely interested in what you’re saying, you can safely bet they’re into you. If they’re getting handsy, or to forcefully physical, you can pretty much bet their hormones are taking over and they’re not truly into you.

2) They’re shy

This might seem to contradict the first point, bit I’m covering all bases here. If you can tell your potential Bae gets flustered in your presence, odds are they’re totally into you. Indicators for this are: getting much quieter when you’re present; mixing up words or struggling to get their words out when talking to you; blushing when they see you. Although these triggers may be a great indicator to you, chances are it’s making them feel pretty uncomfortable. It’s important you don’t make them feel any more uncomfortable than they are, do anything you can in this situation to put them at ease. Take them away from a crowd to avoid humiliation, be as friendly and open as you can, make them feel comfortable.


3) They get jealous

Do you see them constantly looking your way when you’re talking to other potential partners? Yeah, this probably means it’s bothering them. And whilst this is a great indicator that they’re into you, it can be cruel and isn’t something you should play on. Jealousy truly brings out the worst in people, if you’re interested in them too, don’t use this against them. Another boundary to be careful of here is confusing jealousy with possessiveness: a little jealousy indicates they want your attention and want to spend time with you; if they’re getting angry over you talking to or sending time with anyone that isn’t them, that’s possessive. You’re a person, not an object for them to own.

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4) Body Language

There’s heaps of information and studies about this online, body language is incredibly expressive. Experts can interpret peoples emotions and even whether or not they’re telling the truth just be the way they hold themselves. Body language with relationships is pretty straight forward. If someone’s body language is ‘open’ towards you, this can mean they’re into you. By ‘open’, I mean no crossed arms, sat in a relaxed position, facing towards you. There’s even evidence that if their legs are crossed facing towards you, It’s a strong sign they’re interested. Be observant in a group situation and learn to read how they hold themselves.


As important and accurate as these signs may be, your best bet is to be upfront and just ask. Sure, it might leave you embarrassed from time to time, but you’ll save a lot of time worrying and trying to work out whether or not they’re into you. Be brave, be bold, and take charge.

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