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How To Keep In Touch In A Long Distance Friendship

Moving away to university can be difficult for the main reason that you’re leaving your comfort zone to basically fend for yourself in an unknown city full of people you’ve never seen before. But moving away may also take a slight strain on the friendships you had built up over the years at home. Nonetheless, it is 100% possible for you to maintain those carefully selected friendships that took you several years to make. At this point, they’re more like siblings than friends. Hopefully you’ll find these 5 tips useful for if you’re moving away from your bestie.

1. Texts

Since the majority of people have access to a mobile phone these days, keeping in touch with your bestie from back home is a lot easier with the use of these devices. Keeping your friend back home up to date with whats happening in your life can be done as easily as sending a text every couple of days with news of your evening activities, what you really think of your new roommate or the guy you have a crush on in your course.

2. Video Chats

And when you’ve got a bit more time on your hands to fill the texts with the more fine details, you can video call your bestie for a more lengthy update and gossip. Unlike texts, these are slightly more personal as you can spend hours chatting and showing them your new outfit you bought with some of your loan money as well as giving them a virtual tour around your new room. I’d definitely recommend these happening more often than not.

3. Holiday Meet Ups

If your university has enrichment weeks where you basically get a week off of lectures for ‘your own learning’, or the two week Christmas/Easter breaks, these are a good opportunity to go home for a few days. And plenty of time in those few days to have cafe trip with your BFF where you can physically show them your newest outfit that didn’t quite look as good over a video camera as it does in real life. These holiday coffee catch up sessions are a must do for you and your long distance friendship, especially if your university is based the other end of the country… or a different country altogether.

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4. Weekend Trips

If you’re a bit more lucky and attend university a bit closer to home, but far enough away you’re not seeing your bestie every single day, having a weekend where you either go to visit home, their university or they come to visit at your place is also a good idea. Not only do you get to show them, or be shown, the main sights (and by that I mean all the decent drinking places) you’re able to show your friend a glimpse into what you were talking about over that coffee meet up.

5. Social Media

Finally, posts on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be crucial to maintaining your long distance friendship as it provide that extra little bit of communication or update between you and your friend that you might not have time to write out in a text or video because you’re suddenly getting overloaded with lectures and assignments.

What are some of your tips for keep in touch in a long distance friendship? Let us know below!
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