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How To Have Tantric Sex And Make It Good

How To Have Tantric Sex And Make It Good

Wondering how to have tantric sex? Well, it's not as daunting as it may sound. This is the ultimate guide of tantric sex for beginners. No worries, you'll learn how to do it in no time!

Generally, in many societies around the world is perceived as a recreational activity. But you might have already heard the phrase ‘tantric sex’ either in online magazines, blogs, or TV shows. But what is it exactly? Originally an intimate ritual associated with ancient Eastern spiritual practices, the incorporation of tantric sex into many couples’ lives is opening up new doors for understanding sexual energies. Tantric sex is an embodiment of custom intimate rituals in Buddhist and Hindu cultures re-interpreted in many Western societies that treats sexual acts as not only recreational but also spiritual practices. This can impact not only your sex life, but also transform your focus and concentration on other important aspects. Here’s how to have tantric sex and make it unforgettable for yourself and your partner!

Create a Comfortable Space

This is the first step to make tantric sex good for both of you. Soft sheets, plenty of pillows and a king size bed make up for a comfortable space. Additionally, having scented candles aside can also transform the room into a space of a transcendent aura that will shape the flow of sexual energy between you two. If you’re bored of the bedroom, why not switch it up a lil’?

Know Thyself So You Can Get To Know Your Partner

Literally. Get comfortable with every part of your body, and every aspect that characterizes you physically, emotionally, and mentally. Tantric sex requires honesty and trust, but if you are not fully comfortable with yourself, this can prolong the process. You want to ensure that you’re ready for the typical deep connection that tantric sex includes. To make this sound easier, try to briefly discuss with your partner your favorite positions and fun things to do in bed prior to tantric sex.

Stretch and Shower

Wear something that’s both sexy and comfortable, and try to do some stretching exercises in front of your partner. Shower alone or with your partner afterward, but without any sexual activities included. This is just to a preparatory step of tantric sex.

Begin to Breathe, Learn, Grow Your Love

Sit on the floor and maintain eye contact with your partner. This may be something you’re not accustomed to just yet, but keep going! Begin whispering things that describe how you feel about your partner and utilizing all your senses while kissing. This is how you’ll quicky realize tantric sex can be a good and gem-packed spiritual experience for your relationship!

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Play With Different Positions

Yep, creativity is key here. There’s no set tantric position. That largely depends on what you feel like doing, and the more freedom you give yourself during the process, the more intensely spiritual the experience will get. One example is sitting on your partner’s lap, or exploring BDSM and kink, as tantric sexual practice is all about being vulnerable with your partner.

Don’t Rush

When it comes to wondering how to have tantric sex, rushing can completely ruin the meaning . In order for it to be good, you need to slow things down and take the time necessary to build the sexual energy between you two.

Do you now know how to have tantric sex? Let us know in the comment section below!

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