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How To Have Sex For The First Time

How To Have Sex For The First Time

Sex for the first time can be awkward. Here are some sex tips for your first time. These pieces of sex advice should help ease losing your virginity! Enjoy.

Sex, one word that if you haven’t experienced, will make you quiver and break out cold sweats. Everyone’s first time is different but there’s one piece of advice; do your research. Here are some pieces of advice that aim to relieve stress and make sure you’re ready. Here is how to have sex for the first time.

1. Know your body

In order to be physically active, you need to know your body: what can it cope with? Explore and get to know more about your body. Researching how sex works can help you understand what to expect before committing the deed. You’re sexy so embrace it.


2. Stock up and be prepared

Stocking up = getting condoms. Make sure you have protection. It prevents unwanted pregnancies and STDs. Protection also helps put you both at ease. Research birth control methods for yourself: the pill or coil are popular forms of contraception. Sometimes stocking up on lube; there are several different times ranging from flavoured to more sensual types. See what suits you. Toys are something you should try and stay away from for now.

3. Set the mood

Whether is been something you’ve planned with a partner or ‘friend’ in these modern ages, sex can only really be truly comfortable and work if you get the setting right; sometimes this doesn’t always happen, e.g., a friend lost her virginity on the floor and had bad carpet burns. Make sure where you are having sex suits your needs. Everyone’s first is usually in a bed.

4. Consent

Allegations of assault and non-consensual sex these days is a hot topic in the media. Sit down and have a small discussion before you plan to have sex with your partner. Again, it puts you both at ease. This goes for both males and females; your intentions are very clearly known. Take this seriously.

5. Get ready for foreplay

Sex isn’t just penetration. There needs to be an arousal build up for both parties. What better way to do this than with foreplay. Dressing up or added oral stimulation allows each partner to explore the other’s body in different ways. It allows you to experience other sensations you may have never felt. Learning to connect and figure out what you truly enjoy out of sex is awesome.

6. Do your research

Sometimes it pays to be prepared and do your research beforehand; especially when it comes to something unknown. Sex will be less daunting if you do. There’s no guarantee your first time will go as planned but it allows you to take control of the situation. Perhaps it’s a bit empowering.

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7. Have a sense of humour

Loosen up and don’t take it too seriously. We’ve all been there with awkward noises during foreplay or when you want to try something kinky and it fails. It is okay. Having a good sense of humor puts light to the situation. It’ll calm you both down. You need to both feel good about sex and your first time. Adding humor takes away any awkwardness.

8. The age old question of ‘will it hurt?’

Yes and no. Relax as much as possible and be prepared. A woman’s body must be ready as well as her mental state. Sex might get uncomfortable and could hurt but there are ways to easy yourself. No two bodies are the same. What one finds enjoyable, another may not. With more experience, the pleasure gets better.

9. Don’t drink too much alcohol.

A common mistake people make when losing their virginity for the first time is getting too drunk; this is a terrible idea. You already don’t know how to have sex for the first time. Adding alcohol to the situation doesn’t make you fully capable of controlling the situation. A clear head is always a good idea. Secondly, if you drink, you lose sense of your body. Numbness can succumb. You want to experience every emotion during your first time.

10. Enjoy yourself!

The most important piece of information or advice that can ever be given is to actually have fun and enjoy yourself. Its not a competition or an opportunity to pressure yourself, you need to chill and learn that these little important steps in your life and that they can be enjoyable. Sex can be the pathway to an amazing encounter and if you learn to enjoy yourself you can open up a lifetime of amazing experiences to enhance and tech your body new ways. Sex for the first time will absolutely be memorable.

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