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How To Grow Your Hair Quick For Beautifully Long Locks

How To Grow Your Hair Quick For Beautifully Long Locks

Trying to grow your hair into that thick, mermaid style you've always been after? Try out these tips to get that beautiful luscious hair of your dreams.

Cut your hair short and regret it? Or simply longing after those luscious mermaid locks you’ve always swooned after. Luckily for you, hair growth isn’t necessarily at a set rate and there are tips and tricks you can try to keep your hair healthy and stimulate rapid hair growth. To grow your hair quick, follow these simple steps and try to incorporate them into your regular beauty routine.

1. Scalp massage

Not only is this a great tip to grow your hair faster, it feels damn good. You can buy a tool to help give yourself a nice scalp massage or enlist your partner or friend to give you one (you might have to give them one back). The massaging sensation increases the blood flow to your hair follicles which promotes hair growth.

2. Reduce heat

Everyone knows this one but subsequently chooses to ignore it. Heat is detrimental to hair health and, therefore, hair growth. I would recommend completely stopping your use of heat tools if possible. If not, then limit your usage and make sure you use heat protectant products when you do. If you have natural hair texture then try out enhancing it with products rather than heat tools. You can use a salt spray on your natural waves to amp them up rather than going over them with a hot tong. For my straight haired ladies who want a bit of movement, try a product such as an aurora band which creates curls overnight without heat. For a free alternative, try french plaiting the hair loosely before bed when it’s slightly damp, in the morning, you’ll have beautiful mermaid waves to work with.


3. Oil it up

Castor oil and coconut oil have proven to be great for scalp and hair health. Not only will they help make your hair thicker and stronger, but they also improve hair growth and will reduce dryness and itchiness of the scalp. Incorporate as part of our massaging routine or as a hair mask and leave on the hair and scalp for as long as possible. Be careful when you wash it out to lather up the shampoo and rinse well to avoid having greasy-looking hair.

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4. Don’t tie it

Tying your hair tight is super bad for hair growth. Not only does it cause pressure and stress on the follicles, but it’s also bad for the hair itself and can encourage the hair to snap and break off.  Ideally, let your hair down as much as possible, if you do need to tie it up for whatever reason, use a scrunchie or a specially designed hair tie that is easy and gentle on the hair ( think the spiral ties or one made of soft material). Whatever you do, please never use a regular elastic band as a hair tie.. just don’t do it, ‘kay?


5. Regular cuts are a myth

Always thought that getting regular trims helps to grow your hair quicker? Yeah, same. Turns out this is a COMPLETE MYTH and a con I assume created by hairdressers to get you back in the chair regularly. Whilst hair cuts obviously remove dead ends and keep your hair healthy, they do not actually make your hair grow faster and you certainly don’t need to go as often as the hairdressers say you do.

Growing hair can be a stressful and lengthy process, the key is patience and really just trying to care for your hair as much as possible. Eating a healthy, balanced diet that’s rich in healthy fats helps a lot and simple treat your hair and body with the gentle care it deserves.

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