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How To Get The Wet Hair Look: 20 Looks To Copy

How To Get The Wet Hair Look: 20 Looks To Copy

Ever wondered how to get the wet hair look? We see celebrities like Kim Kardashian West pull it off all the time, however, how do you make your wet hairstyle last all day? These are the best wet hair looks to copy right now!

The wet look might make you think of 1950s greasers, but it was first rocked by gentlemen in the 1800s who used ylang-ylang scented macassar oil to slick back their hair and make it shine! Now in 2018, this trend is coming back with a vengeance, and it looks anything but antiquated! Here’s how to get the wet hair look in 2018!

1) The androgynous look is so in it at the moment! If you’ve got short hair, part it to the side and slick it flat in this bold masculine wet look style.

2) For a cute greaser vibe (think Cry-Baby) try slicking your hair straight back from the crown.

3) There’s no reason why you should limit wet looks to loose hair! Try this gorgeous wet look bun and accessorise to taste!

4) If you’ve got a short hairstyle, the wet look can really give it edge and volume!

5) Just because wet looks are great at achieving a sleek look, doesn’t mean they can’t be messy too! This gorgeous free-spirited style is guaranteed to look fantastic.

6) If your hair is long and luscious, take a leaf out of this book. Style the crown of your head, leaving the hair below for maximum impact!

7) Team a wet look with smoky eye for an edgy, 90s heroin-chic vibe.

8) Use a wet look to show off your colour! If you have highlights, slicking back your hair like this can really make them pop.

9) This centre parting wet look is so classy.

10) If you’re a fan of bold, statement earrings, the pared-down simplicity of a wet look can really emphasise them.

11) Here a perfectly smooth wet look on top is being used to draw attention to a beautiful bun — and the contrast really makes the look.

12) For a simple, yet incredibly striking nod to the wet look trend, style your hair as normal and then sculpt your fringe.

13) After styling your hair, pull strands out from the back and sides and, instead of leaving wisps like normal, gel them to give the illusion of thickness.

14) Wet looks are also good for keeping hair looking sharp, put together and in place… even if the style is somewhat gravity-defying! Try sweeping it back in a cute pompadour like this.

15) In one of the most iconic wet looks, smooth the hair flat to your crown and then flick it out below!

16) Wet looks also really make scrunchy, sea-salt beach waves stand out, as well as keeping their volume.

17) Alternatively, keep your hair dead straight for a dramatic look

18) Those with extremely short hair don’t need to bypass the wet look — pomade can really make a buzz cut look brilliant.

19) This glossy bun wet look is truly beautiful!

20) And finally, for those who incorporate some retro glam into their style, here’s a wet look from the 1930s. So cute!

Do you now know how to get the wet hair look?

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