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How To Get The Best Dating App Profile: Girls Edition

How To Get The Best Dating App Profile: Girls Edition

How To Get The Best Dating App Profile: Girls Edition

Creating a dating app profile is hard. You want to meet more people and it cant be quite overwhelming knowing you have got to impress someone within seconds. Dating app profiles are probably the most intense competition. Here are some tips on how to get the best dating app profile:

Don’t Put Group Pictures

Let’s be honest, guys can be pretty dumb sometimes and the last thing you want is to get the guy confused with which one you are. You might really want to show off your girls night out pictures but it is a good idea to keep these to a minimum. Having a profile with only your pictures will create the spotlight on you. After all, this is YOUR dating app profile, not your friends’.

 How To Get The Best Dating App Profile: Girls Edition


Natural Photos

This doesn’t mean you can’t put pictures of yourself all glammed up looking like a snack. You should absolutely include pictures that you feel the most confident in! But it is also a good idea to include several pictures where you don’t have a lot of heavy makeup. Go for the no-makeup makeup look to fool those boys you know. Having natural photos will definitely help you stand out!

Have a Nice Bio

Having a good bio will make you more approachable. If you are really struggling to think of a bio, it might be worth a try to use the 3 simple things profile technique. Literally, just list three random facts about yourself! You will be surprised by how many conversations starts from there.

Having a nice bio is also key especially if you are not the type of girls to start a conversation first. Creating a nice bio for your dating app profile will definitely help those hopeless guys out there.


Avoid Photos With Sunglasses

The whole goal of creating a dating app profile is to show people who you are. Since there are so many pictures you can put before the guy is confused, it is best to avoid putting pictures of you with sunglasses. You really want to make a strong first impression before the decision is made.

Don’t Put Too Many Pictures

This is especially common with girls. I mean we all have so many cute pictures that we want to put in our dating app profile. You want to limit your dating app profile pictures to around four. Because after all it is the first few pictures that make the decision and it is best to make sure you choose pictures that are absolute fire.  How To Get The Best Dating App Profile: Girls Edition

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Look The Same In All The Pictures

This is VERY IMPORTANT because you do not want to confuse the guy. It is perfectly normal for a girl to look a bit different from time to time because makeup is pretty powerful after all. But guys do not understand how makeup works and it is best to keep it simple.

No Snapchat Filter

Please DO NOT put any Snapchat filter in your profile. Not only does everyone know the heart filter makes your eyes look unrealistically bigger and gives you super long digital lashes, it just doesn’t show who you are! Not only does it not show them the real you, but you have also wasted a photo for your profile. So it is important to remember that no matter how much you like the Snapchat filter, it is best to keep it away from your dating app profile.


There is nothing prettier and more attractive than a smiley girl! Having pictures of you smiling not only make you appear friendlier, but it also increases the chances of you getting more matches!


 How To Get The Best Dating App Profile: Girls Edition

So here are some tips for creating the best dating app profile for girls. If you have other tips on creating a good dating app profile then comment below to let us know!

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