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How To Get Over Someone You Never Even Dated

How To Get Over Someone You Never Even Dated

Knwoing hwo to get over someone is tough, but knowing how to get over someone you were never even with is harder. Here are some tips.

Knowing how to get over someone is hard. Break-ups are the worst – we all know that. They’re humiliating, soul-crushing, and somehow make you revert into either an emotionless being or someone far too in touch with their emotions. No amount of alcohol or ice-cream is enough to soothe your broken heart. And this all only gets worse when you never actually dated the person you’re forcing yourself to get over. That’s why I’ve thought of five ways to help you get back to your pre-crush self, and fast!

Allow Yourself to Cry

Yes, this one sounds simple. However, a lot of people tell themselves it’s silly to cry over a relationship that was never actually a relationship, which can hinder the recovery process. Put on a sad movie or listen to your sad playlist, and let the tears flow freely. A good cry can solve most things in life, and it will help clear up your head as well as stop those awkward moments where you find yourself holding back tears in public because you’re refusing to let it all out!

Write It All Out

Sometimes you just need to channel Winona Ryder a-la Heathersand spill your thoughts and feelings onto a page. Not only will this be catharsis for your mind, it will stop you dwelling so much on all of your best memories with that person after you’ve written them on the page. Even better, make a list of the bad things you can think of about them, and then make a list of all the great things about you – obviously you were far too good for them in the first place!


Sign Up for a Dating App

This one won’t be for everybody, but I believe there’s nothing like a self-confidence boost like the one that comes from using a dating app. Plus, no one says you actually have to go on a date! It’s perfectly acceptable to use a dating app as a short-term method to gain back some confidence, and who knows, you might even end up finding someone else on there if that’s what you want!

Try out a New Hobby

That thing you’ve been meaning to get into for months, and kept putting it off? Now’s the time to do it. Whether it be crocheting, listening to podcasts, or getting into cookery, there’s no time like the present to start! Plus, focusing all your attention on a new hobby will distract you from the constant cycle of negative thoughts. If the thought of starting something alone is too daunting, enlist a friend to join you – two is merrier than one! This is key when knowing how to get over someone you never dated.

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Get Together with the Girls

When all else fails, fall back on the people who will always be there for you – your friends! Ask them to come over armed with your favourite drinks and snacks, stick a feel-good movie on, and let the good times roll! There’s nothing like a little TLC with those who know you best to leave you feeling refreshed. Plus, friends can trash-talk the person who broke your heart like no other – instant cheering up!

Now you’ve read these tips, remember that time is always a great healer, and that putting yourself down won’t help you get over it any faster – it happens to everybody, and just because this relationship didn’t work out, it doesn’t mean that you’re doomed forever. You got this! Now go forth, and be your best self!

How do you get over someone you never dated? What are your tips for how to get over someone? Tell us in the comments!
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