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How To Get Out Of The Worst First Date Ever

How To Get Out Of The Worst First Date Ever

How To Get Out Of The Worst First Date Ever

Everyone is worth a chance, or at least one date. It’s good practice and character building to go on bad dates. Expressing yourself when you are single is a really important thing to do, and so is getting yourself out there. Dating is a huge part of single life, you have to dip your toe into different ponds to find out who is right for you. Although, things may not go as smoothly as they do in rom-com films. These tips will help you to get out of the worst first date you could find yourself on.

Phone a friend

Having a friends number on speed dial is textbook when it comes to dating. You can pop off the toilet and give them a quick ring if possible, but don’t take too long, it’s rude to keep someone waiting. Also, when choosing the friend to ring – make sure it is someone you trust. You really don’t want the someone who set you up on this date to come to your rescue, or even worse, someone who is your date’s friend. After all, you want to look like the bigger person (composure is key).

The other important part of having a trusty friend on the end of the phone is the dramatic phone call. Arrange a code word between you and your friend, text them it, and wait for the ‘oh my god you have to come quick’ phone call. Of course, it is wrong to lie and you shouldn’t put anyone in harm, for the good karma of course, but when a date is that bad – a slight twist on reality may be the only way to get you out of the worst first date ever.


Tell The Waiter

Try and arrive early and inform the waiter of your table that you are on a first date. If it is going badly, then grab the waiter and say that it is a terrible first date and you would like the bill. If you build the relationship with your waiter before your date arrives, it will be a smooth exit. But how do you tell the person that you’re sat opposite that you would like to leave?

Be honest. If you aren’t vibing with your date, then you don’t need to lie or make up an excuse. Compose yourself and simply say ‘it has been nice meeting you but I don’t think this will work in the future, I wish you the best.’ Then it won’t look as suspicious when you grab the waiter for a desperate retreat out of there. You will soon look back and laugh on the worst date and be proud of yourself and how you made yourself look.

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Wait Till The Date Is Over

Treat the date with respect and you’ll get what you deserve. Being a nice person is the best thing you can give to the table. Don’t be rude, and don’t be disrespectful yourself. Simply ride the date out until the end (if you can of course) and simply say ‘this isn’t for me’. You’ll keep your modesty and may even get to see a different side to the person. The key to this tip is to know a few ways to spice up some conversation. Think of some random facts about yourself and what you would like to know about your date and maybe an embarrassing story or two and them hopefully time won’t stand still much longer.

Travel Separately

If you travel separately, you avoid all chances of sharing a lift home together. Even though it may seem like a more affordable and convenient idea, if the date doesn’t go quite to plan, it means you have a safe escape – without the awkward cab ride home. You could even have a good laugh with your taxi driver about the evening if they’re chatty enough. Or you could phone a friend and giggle away at how bad your date really was.

We love hearing stories about peoples worst first dates. Comment yours below, or if you know anyone who is going on a first date soon, send them this quick guide on how to survive a bad first date.

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