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10 Tips On How To Get Loads Of Followers On Instagram

10 Tips On How To Get Loads Of Followers On Instagram

Here are some tips on how to get loads of followers on Instagram! If you were thinking of spending on money on buying followers, don't worry these are free tips that will help you get more!

Instagram has become one of the most popular apps available and is used more and more frequently as a way to market products or businesses. A growing number of influencers also use it as a platform to share their passions, lives and generate thousands upon millions of followers. I’m sure it has you thinking sometimes, how can I get more followers? or why does she have more followers than me? Worry no more as here is a couple of tips on how to get loads of followers on Instagram  in no time!

1. Do use hashtags

Hashtags are great for getting people to notice your page when they’re looking for a certain thing. Be creative! Make your own up and play around with silly, crazy or fun ones but try not to be boring. Have a look at what hashtags are trending and try to work around those.



2. Creative and exciting captions are a must

Using captions under your pictures that engage your audience are a key to success. If what you’re saying is interesting enough then followers will always want to come back to your content and see what you’ve been up to or have to say!

3. Your own visual style

Developing your own visual style is a great way for people to be drawn to your page. Picking a fun filter or sticking to a certain style is bound to get people back to your page! This is definitely an important tip on how to get loads of followers on Instagram!

4. Don’t let those embarrassing pics get through

Change your settings so that you need to approve the pictures people tag you in. Nothing worse than those pesky pics ruining your style!


5. Join the conversation

Instagram is just one big conversation so join in! People will be able to see your name and your profile will begin to pop up more.

6. Tag relevant people/brands/companies/products

If you’ve got something to say about a product or brand then tag them! If you’re wearing their clothes or using their products they will want to see people offering their views. This also gains you, followers, as everyone loves hearing other peoples opinions before they buy!

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7. Try live video

Using live video might be a good idea so that current followers can engage with you as a person and not someone behind the screen!

8. Ask followers to tag their friends

By asking your followers to tag their friends it means your posts are going further and will reach more people.

9. Post at the right time

Posting at the right time is crucial so that your content is seen and more likely to scout potential new followers. If you post late at night the chances are that fewer people are likely to see them.


10. Post consistently

Posting frequently or at a regular time will ensure your posts are always popping up on peoples home page which means more likes and more follows!

Do you think these are good tips on how to get loads of followers on Instagram ? Let us know in the comments below!

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