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How To Find Gym Motivation When You Just Can’t Be Bothered

How To Find Gym Motivation When You Just Can’t Be Bothered

How To Find Gym Motivation When You Just Can't Be Bothered

The struggle of rallying yourself to go to the gym when you just can’t be bothered is a dilemma that everyone faces now and again. But luckily, there are cures for this phenomena.

Here is our ultimate guide on how to find that elusive and all-important gym motivation for when you just really can’t be bothered.


Often, cant-be-bothered sentiment stems from a poor start to the day where monotony will lead to a negative mentality of thinking that today won’t be anything special or any different from the rest, but music can be the key to fixing this.


Set an inspiring song as your alarm so you don’t recoil at the sound of your regular alarm or play music aloud when doing simple things like showering, getting ready, or making breakfast, it’ll keep your day-to-day activities refreshing and lift your mood, staving off that sense of monotony that drains motivation.

On top of this, have fun compiling different playlists made up of your favourite music, or enjoy discovering new music which can keep your gym sessions fresh which will also give you something to preoccupy yourself with so it’s not just you and your workout.

Set Goals

Another great source of gym motivation is having something to work towards which increases a sense of self-progression that will encourage you to keep going.


Set personal goals, whether it’s getting yourself up or down to a certain weight, reaching a certain distance when doing cardio, or lifting a certain amount of weight when weightlifting.

Compile notes of your progress and date them, giving you something to look back on which will fuel that sense of progression.

When you really can’t be bothered, think of it as a missed opportunity, a missed day on the records where you could’ve built on your progress and made a breakthrough. This way, you’ll no longer see the gym negatively as somewhere you struggle, but somewhere positively where you progress.


Search Online For Workout Routines

The cant-be-bothered feeling might also stem from a lack of a fixed workout routine that would give your gym sessions structure, or perhaps boredom with your current routine.

Search online for workouts to re-inspire you where you won’t have the pressure of having to come up with something yourself that you might end up having doubts about. There are thousands online to check out and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that they are all credible and used by other enthusiastic gym-goers.

Orientate Your Diet Around The Gym

Another way of enhancing gym motivation is by complementing your gym sessions creatively with meals. You might consider dieting as a sure-fire way of stripping yourself of any remaining motivation, but looked at differently it can be the perfect remedy.

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Stock up on healthy foods and come up with tasty meal plans, so that when you wake up or come back from a busy day really not feeling bothered, you’ll end up making a meal that perfectly complements your gym routine.

Whether its a tasty low-carb salad that would complement weight loss, or a protein-packed fry-up that would promote muscle gain, you’ll know that you’d be doing yourself a favour by going to the gym with such meals, incidentally providing you with motivation to go just by eating them, acting as launch pads into an effective workout.


Seek Inspiration From Others

Finally, but perhaps most obviously, seek inspiration from others, mimicking their motivation or emulating their success.

You can get rid of a cant-be-bothered mentality by going to the gym with a friend, feeding off of their drive and using it as motivation for yourself.

Similarly, you could also have an image in your mind of someone, a celebrity, someone you saw on TV or online – or even someone you know – who achieved success in the similar way that you would like to, and work to see the materialisation of that image in yourself.


Which of these tips do you use for gym motivation? How do you motivate yourself? Let us know below!

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