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How To Finally Nail That Infamous Glowy No Makeup Look

How To Finally Nail That Infamous Glowy No Makeup Look


On those days where you don’t fancy applying a fully put-together makeup look but still want something substantial and glowy, these no makeup look tips will have you sorted in no time. Sometimes it’s nice just to have a little something on to look and feel good but you’d rather not spend a solid 15 minutes cleansing at night when you could be hitting the sheets early and catching up on your fave TV shows instead. By following these no makeup look tips you can achieve a gorgeous sultry look that can be washed off in seconds before bed.

1) Moisturise deeply

This is a key step especially for a no makeup look because you’ll be able to apply even the tiniest amounts of concealer or foundation without it clinging to dry patches. By ensuring you have a smooth base to work with, all your products will apply seamlessly not to mention a little tackiness will give them something to stick to. Start off with a daily moisturiser, under eye cream (if you have it) and a touch of cream highlighter or illuminating primer. All of which will give your skin a natural sheen and a post-facial treatment feel.


2) Define your features

If you have naturally thick eyebrows, then you really should count yourself lucky because they give your face such great shape. However, if yours are sparse or naturally finer, fill them in with a little eyeshadow and an angled brush. The same goes for your lashes. By adding a lick of mascara or two, you can still achieve that no makeup look. It’s all about enhancing your natural features and a little really does go a long way. I’m sure you’ll have been tempted at some point by the idea of semi-permanent lash extensions but you have to admit, they don’t look their best without a full makeup look. Mascara is all you need.

3) Highlight your natural skin

Now, this step isn’t about adding stacks and stacks of highlighter, it’s about letting your natural skin show through. If you look closely at your face, you’ll have certain freckles, beauty spots, or little marks that you’ve always had. Enhance them with a brown eye pencil or lip liner to accentuate them as much as you like. By reinforcing how your skin looks every day, it will make your no makeup look as authentic as possible. You can follow this tip no matter how high the coverage of your makeup is too as it’s a great trick to follow to prevent your skin from looking too “perfect”.

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4) Create a blush effect

Something you lose when putting on foundation is the natural pigment of your skin. Without realising, in an effort to conceal your chin, you’ll blend over your lips stripping them of their natural pink-ish or brown colour. When piecing together your no makeup look product collection, add in a satin or matte lipstick as close to your natural colour as possible. In addition to this, pack a powder or cream blush. By replicating how your face appears after a light workout or walk in the cold, you’ll look healthy and refreshed.


5) Higher Coverage Alternative

However, many of us have troublesome skin whether it’s spots, scarring, dark circles or excessive oiliness. If you’d like more coverage, add the necessary amount of foundation and/or concealer then set with a translucent powder to lock everything in place. Then to add that infamous glow, use a powder highlighter on your cheeks, down the bridge of your nose and on your chin. If you still feel too matte, there are plenty of illuminating setting sprays on the market too.

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