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How To Feel More Confident In A Bikini This Summer

How To Feel More Confident In A Bikini This Summer

How To Feel More Confident In A Bikini This Summer

Nervous about getting into your bikini this summer? Here are the best ways to feel more confident and rock your way to the beach with confidence!

As it’s the summer holidays, for a lot of us that means it is time to brave a bikini out on the beach or hotel pool. But it doesn’t have to be as daunting as you may think, in an age of social media and high expectations it can be easy to forget that life does not revolve around how you look in a skimpy two-piece and hopefully I’ll be able to outline how you can feel more confident in a bikini this summer.

Firstly, it’s important to remember not to make yourself the centre of the universe.

This sounds weird sure, but if you think about it, no one will be focusing on your insecurities because they’ll be too busy focusing on their own. As horrible as this sounds, it does help reduce the pressure you might be feeling so try to bear this in mind.


Another thing that helps is to find someone on social media that looks like you and is perfectly happy flaunting it.

There are so many Instagram influencers that go against the typical ‘perfect’ look and for a lot of girls this can be really empowering and help you feel a lot more confident in yourself.

I also cannot stress enough how important finding a bikini you absolutely LOVE is.

It’s definitely a struggle but once you find your perfect bikini you will be so excited to get into it for summer! Some sites I would recommend for cute and flattering bikinis are Weekday, Zaful and Missguided.

Look for a style that will suit your body and make you feel comfortable.

Continuing on my point about bikinis, try out different styles and colours to see what you feel best in, it may take a while but will be worth it when you find ‘the one’. Another thing that helps me personally is getting a tan, there’s something about looking a bit more tanned that makes you feel a whole lot better about yourself so I recommend using fake tan or getting a spray tan before holidays, just try to stay away from sunbeds, they’re not good for you!

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Embrace your imperfections

Cringey as it sounds it works. If you learn to accept that you might not have your idea of a perfect body, you can then learn to love that about yourself. Then you can begin enjoying yourself and not spending your entire holiday winding yourself up about something as trivial as arm fat.

Realise that you’ll have way more fun not thinking about it

You won’t have any fun if you spend your time covering up and hiding. At the end of the day, you’re holding yourself back if you say no to that beach volleyball competition you really wanted to do, or that pool party invitation you refuse. Letting your insecurities hold you back will never end well for you, and it’s okay to have insecurities of course but that doesn’t mean you should let them hold you back!


Overall, it’s hard to accept yourself fully, especially when you’re flaunting your entire body, but starting to stop yourself when you feel these insecurities grind at you will slowly start to help you feel more comfortable in yourself. It’s definitely a long road to self-acceptance but starting to practise a bit of TLC now will definitely help you in the long run. If you take one thing from this article let it be that imperfections are perfections and your body is completely natural, there is no reason for you to feel insecure and not have the best time over your summer holiday!

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