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How To Earn Money Quick While At University

How To Earn Money Quick While At University

It gets to that time of the year where most of us have hardly any money left in our bank accounts. If you are knees deep in your overdraft and not sure how to balance university and a part time job, this article is a must read for you! Here is how you can earn money without having to get a job:

Earn Cash And Donate To Charity

Letsbab is an app that allows you to shop and share the brands you love with your friends and family, whilst raising money for charity at the same time! This amazing app will give you 5% cashback (in real cash!) for every successful recommendation you make. You can either choose to keep your money or donate it to a charity of your choice! This app literally allows you to earn money really easily and you can also help your favourite charity at the same time!

From High Street To High End

LetsBab has so many amazing brands from high street to high end, ranging from clothing to lifestyle. Brands that are all familiar to us like ASOS, Boohoo, Missguided, PrettyLittleThing, Nasty Gal, Monki are all on there! So think of this app as your online shopping centre where you do not need to change from app to app to browse the latest new in or your perfect night out top. You can also find brands like Cult Beauty, Glossier, Body Shop, Nars and even Hello Fresh on there! There are also high-end brands like Ralph Lauren, Coach, Hunter and Timberland. You are almost guaranteed to find a brand you love on LetsBab and it’s all just inside of one singular app!

How To Earn Money Quick While At University



How Do You Earn Money? 

You can find the LetsBab app onapp store (available both IOS and Android) and it’s free to download. Simply download it and create a profile so you can start earning. After registration you will be able to browse through all the amazing brands that are on the app. If you decide to recommend a product to your friends and family you can do it through the LetsBab icon at the bottom of the item. You can then share the link through text, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. If your friends and family decide to buy it, ou will earn 5% cash! It’s that easy!

This is about to make your Christmas shopping a lot easier (and not to mention the 5% cashback you will get). The more you recommend items, the more money you earn in return! And it’s also an amazing way to give back during the holidays by donating it to charities.

How To Earn Money Quick While At University


Easy Way To Donate

LetsBab is partnered up with 17 different charities including Books for Africa, Charity: water, Cancer Research UK, CoppaFeel!, Movember and End Youth Homlessness.

It is a great way to donate through the app as most students do not necessarily partake in donating to charities. LetsBab is a really easy way for you to to help charities you care about just by shopping and recommending your favourite brands. The LetsBab app connects your high street shopping to donating to charities like no other, so there is nothing not to love about this app!

A Great Way to Browse

Even if you are not shopping or recommending, LetsBab can be an amazing platform for you to browse as well! With so many amazing products and brands in one app you will be able to discover new brands and products! Whether you are hopelessly hungover on a Sunday and desperately trying to look for the next killer night out outfit or you are looking for a birthday present for your mum, LetsBab has all the brands you will ever need in life! You literally have all the products you would find in a shopping centre (if not more) all within the app. We live in an era where we want convenience and a variety of products at the same time, and the LetsBab app can do just that.

Does student discount work?

Yes absolutely it does! So not only you will be able to earn 5% real cash you will also be able to use your student discount to save money too! Simple enter your discount code at the end of checkout like you normally would! So if you get 20% discount from UNIDAYS (student discount app) you will be able to get 25% by buying it through the LetsBab app!

Who does not love a bit of extra discount? You can earn money whether you are shopping for yourself, for friends and family, or even for your lovely housemate’s birthday! Not to mention the coming black Friday at the end of November where you will be able to save extra by shopping through the app!

How To Earn Money Quick While At University

What is the concept behind LetsBab?

Bonnie Takhar, LetsBab’s founder and CEO saw a trend of growing consumer fatigue with social media influencers. Bonnie thought a great way to disrupt the influencer industry by giving everyday, normal consumers the power to earn money through recommending products. After all, recommendations within close circles of friends and family members are proven to be far more effective than influencers.

As students we see many products advertised to us everyday, whether by Love Island stars on Instagram or your favourite YouTube vloggers, there are so much paid content and promotion everywhere. These influencers can earn thousands of pounds to post products on their social media platform hardly have any connection with us at all. With the recommendation system on LetsBab, anybody can earn through recommending, even just within your intimate circle of friends and family you will be able to gain a commission! LetsBab’s goal is to let consumers to take back control and shop what they truly love, not by influencers who are paid by big companies.

So if you are looking for a smarter way to shop where you can earn money and donate to charities at the same time, LetsBab is definitely an app you cannot miss!

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