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How To Do Date Night On A Budget

How To Do Date Night On A Budget

Struggling to fit date night into your weekly budget? Spending time with your S/O doesn't need to mean breaking the bank, try these great cheap date ideas!

Being wined and dined by your bae in a fancy restaurant always sounds appealing, but sometimes the budget just doesn’t cover table service and $20 mojitos. Do not fear, date night isn’t doomed: there are plenty of options for spending quality time together without breaking the bank. Here’s how to do date night if you’re ballin’ on a budget.

1) Discount apps and vouchers

Who says you can’t go out for a fancy dinner… so long as it’s not full price. Check out apps like Groupon and EatClub, both offer great discounts on a ton of nice bars and restaurants. I’d recommend Groupon if you want to book in advance, and EatClub if you’re looking for last minute deals on the day. EatClub shows live deals on their app that work on a time limit during slow or quiet periods: it’s a great way for them to pull customers in and for us to get bargain rates on great food, it’s a win-win!

2) Do it at home

Who said date night has to involve going out and about? After a long, hard week at work, what could be better than cosy-ing up together with some warm blankets, grabbing your favourite snacks and watching a feel-good movie. Dim the lights and light some candles to add that extra pinch of romance. Nothing says quality time like cuddling up together on the couch- pure bliss.


3) The great outdoors

Being with nature is not only super relaxing, it’s free too! Whether you take a scenic hike together; visit some beautiful gardens; or opt for a sunset picnic on the beach, it feels good to be outside in the fresh air. As much as activities like bowling or going to the cinema are great fun, they can be pricey as hell: sometimes it’s nice to take it back to basics and do something more old fashioned in the great outdoors: trust me, it’s super romantic and your date will love it.

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4) Take a trip

I know, this might sound crazy in the midst of discussing budget options, but a trip doesn’t necessarily have to mean a 5 star, all-inclusive trip to the Bahamas. Pack some of your favourite snacks and some bedding in the back of your truck and drive out to a beautiful spot to camp for the night. You’ll come back home feeling rejuvenated, like you’ve just taken a real vacation, and the sense of adventure will for sure make it the most exciting date night you’ve ever had.


5) Games Night

Bring out your competitive sides with a games night, depending on your preference this can be anything from COD to Monopoly, whatever your game of choice you can make it an official competition with stakes for the loser, something like ‘loser cooks dinner next date night’ is always fun and tends to take the competition to the next level.  Games nights are also super fun as a group, invite another couple you know and make it a double date games night, couple V’s couple or every man for himself.

Whether you’re working on a student budget, or saving for something special, we all have times in our lives where our budget makes us feel as though we have to make sacrifices. Whilst this is true in some areas of our lives, date night truly does not have to be one of them. Making simple substitutions and getting a little more creative when it comes to spending quality time with your significant other is all it takes to keep date night alive on a budget.

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