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How To Deal With Stress While Studying At University

How To Deal With Stress While Studying At University

Dealing with stress is important. Here's how to deal with stress while studying at university. These tip tips to destress will help you unwind and chill out

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you, you won’t feel stressed once whilst studying at university because you will. And so will your flatmates, your course mates and even your lecturers. Everyone will get a little stressed from time to time whilst at university. It’s just common nature. However, within the following, I will share with you my top 5 tips on how to deal with stress during your time at university.

1. Time Management

Organising your daily activities from the lectures you have that day down to what you’re going to wear on your night out really helps to improve your stress levels. I find that if I’ve planned out roughly what I’m going to do the next day then I will spend less time overthinking which way is the quickest route to get to my lecture if I wake up slightly later than I meant to. Visit my previous article entitled 5 Effective Time Management Tips for Students for more information on how to manage your time at university.

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2. Talking

Having social interactions with your friends you make at university not just on nights out (or morning afters for that search to find your hangover cure) to have a laugh but this is also important for you to de-stress and relax for a couple of hours and not think about that assignment deadline you have coming up in a couple of days. In addition, if you find those select few people that you really click and connect with, talk to them.

Talk to them about what’s on your mind. Don’t be afraid to open up to people. If you’re feeling stressed out then make a cup of tea for yourself and your friend and ask if you can have a chat. Odds are, they’d be more than happy to hear you out, and you never know, they might be feeling the same way and in need of the very same chat.

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3. Exercise

By this point I don’t mean you’ve got to immediately sign up to the gym and go for three hours at a time seven days a week. Instead, I find that going for walks every day or as frequently as possible or even just when you need to can help to clear your thoughts and calm you down so you can focus on the important things. Yes going to the gym is also a good idea as some people like to work out using equipment, but all I’m saying is there is absolutely nothing wrong for those of you, like myself, who would prefer to go for a walk or jog around your local area to clear your mind. This is one of the best ways how to deal with stress since it releases endorphins.

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4. Alone Time

Although I did say above that talking to someone is an important part of dealing with stress at university, so is having some alone time every now and then. I’m not saying you have to be locked away in your room all day every day, quite the opposite actually. All I’m saying is that sometimes you just need a little bit of space away from the world to think a bit and relax. I usually find that watching my favourite film, reading a few chapters from my book I’m in the middle of or blasting my go-to album through my speakers helps.

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5. Ask The University

However, if these tips above aren’t working out as well as you’d like them to there is absolutely nothing wrong with going to your university support team and telling them you are feeling stressed under the pressure at university. In fact, they would probably be more happy that you’ve come to them for advice and support so they can help you instead of you sitting in your room worrying as your grades start to slip. Besides, your university is their to support and guide you through your time with them after all. They have several tips on how to deal with stress if you need them!

Let us know if you know any other ways of how to deal with stress! Drop us a line!!
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