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How To Cut Down On Carbs And Still Be Happy

How To Cut Down On Carbs And Still Be Happy

Cutting down on carbs is something a lot of people look upon with Fear and Loathing, because, let’s be real, a lot of our favourite foods are heavily carbohydrate-based. Sweets and desserts? Carbs. Anything that includes dough? Carbs. Even fruits and some of the most popular veggies (who doesn’t love potatoes?) are heavy on carbohydrates. This realisation makes any attempts to lower your carb intake seem quite daunting. A lot of people think broccoli and chicken breast as soon as you say you’re on a low-carb diet; but it doesn’t have to be that way at all, and it doesn’t have to be too restricting – and I’m here to help you how to cut down on carbs.

1. Don’t remove – replace instead.

Instead of treating a low-carb diet as a lifestyle devoid of treats and fun, look for ways to walk around the restrictions. You don’t have to remove carbohydrates completely; you just have to cut down on them.

Instead of buying fruit sorbets, make your own – that will allow you to regulate the levels of sugar. Replace sweet potatoes with butternut squash – it has almost 50% less carbs for the same volume, while keeping the sweet, starchy taste.


Replace pizza dough with cauliflower crust, and make wraps with lettuce instead of pitas – I promise, it’ll all still taste good. Check out the low-calorie ice cream you saw in a Twitter ad. Consume more fat and protein instead.

Be creative – it’s not about giving things up completely.

2. Try going sugar-free.

Just because you’re starting a low-carb diet, it doesn’t mean your sweet tooth will go away – nor does it mean it has to. If you want your favourite iced coffee with syrup from Starbucks, ask for the sugar-free option – it’ll taste the same and provide all the satisfaction without the drawbacks. Use Stevia in your day-to-day cooking if you need to sweeten something up. Many stores and pharmacies offer sugar-free candy and snacks for diabetics – they will work as a part of a healthy person’s diet, too, while helping you cut down on those diet fiends.


3. Add more colour.

Don’t look at a low-carb diet as an obligation to eat exclusively steamed asparagus and pickles. The more fun you have with your meals, the less deprived you’ll feel.

Add more different meats into your meal prep. Try out the foods you’ve been avoiding for whatever reason, be it artichokes or brussels sprouts. Look through recipes from around the world. Incorporate nuts into your daily menu.

4. Count your macros.

I know, I know, a lot of people say it induces paranoia, but it is actually helpful. Don’t assume that you can just approximate the amount of carbohydrates in a meal, use a kitchen scale or an app instead – god knows there’s enough of those.


Approximation leads to mistakes. Mistakes lead to lack of progress. Lack of progress leads to disappointment and frustration. You can’t cut down on carbs if you don’t know how much of them you consume.

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5. Don’t think it’ll magically solve everything.

Simply just going low-carb won’t make you magically drop 20 pounds or completely solve your fear of Type 2 Diabetes – even if it sure will help.


What you eat is a very huge and important part of a healthier lifestyle, but it still is just a part. Whatever your goal is – feeling better, looking better, improving your health or just experimenting – do more. Move more. Set a daily step goal. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Stretch out. Breathe deeper.

6. Remember – this is not a test.

Not being able to hold back from eating a chocolate bar is not a crime and does not make you a loser. Most importantly, it does not warrant giving up completely – unless you actually want to, of course.

Food is good – for the body and the soul – whatever the food is. Self-discipline is a process, just as changing your diet and, in this case, cutting down on carbs is. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will be new habits.


Do you have any specific goals for this summer, be it for your diet or your life plans? Do you want to try and cut down on carbs? Tell us in the comments below!

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