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How To Cope With Stress During The Exams Period When Things Get Hard

How To Cope With Stress During The Exams Period When Things Get Hard

The exams period is probably hands down one of the hardest experiences -you want it to be over before it even started. Even Shakespeare, one of the greatest drama writers of all time, did not have to go through the oh so feared exams period. Lucky him…
This time of the year is particularly stressful, and sometimes you don’t know how to deal with it anymore. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to cope with stress during the exams period as smoothly as possible.

1. Listen To Relaxing Music

Music is really helpful for relaxing your nerves, and coping with stress. Whether it’s rap, r&b, pop, rock, soul, classic … your favourite artist will always find the right words or/and the right melody to motivate you. Spotify offers a great range of playlists that go with every mood- happy, sad, stressed – and that suit all tastes. If you tend to have insomnia because of tiredness or stress, the sounds of nature will definitely help you to fall asleep – the calming sounds of waves will accompany you to Dreamland, for sure.
Don’t hesitate to check them out!

2. Enjoy Some Time Out To Cope With Stress

Staying at home, living like a recluse, proof reading your dissertations again and again, looking for that inexistent mistake, rereading your lectures… sounds the tempting thing to do, right? Well, here is the paradoxical truth: in order for your brain to memorise better, and for your concentration levels to be at their maximum,  you have to… go out! Have a break! Your body and your brain will thank you. Either if it is just for a silly walk in the park, or seeing some friends, breathing some fresh air is the healthy thing to do to cope with stress.


3. Get Together With Friends

Sometimes stress overwhelms you when you are facing a mountain of important tasks alone. If you are a bit lost, try to meet with some friends and work all together. You can, for instance, asks each other questions, write flash cards, exchange ideas on different subjects. Plus, it is funnier than staying in your corner, by yourself, with your headphones on, pretending to be a loner.

4. Leave Gome Time For Your Hobbies

Nothing fulfils you more than doing something you absolutely love. Play video games, go shopping, Skype your best friend who is exploring Australia… taking your mind off exams, finals is a must. Otherwise, a burnout is just around the corner… You need to establish a clear routine so that in moments of doubt, or when you feel that everything you do is useless or wrong, you have a plan to cling onto.


5. Watch A Comedy/ Romantic Movie

Laughing is the best medicine against anxiety. During the exams period, absolutely everybody goes through the same process, so relax! Either at home, comfortably sitting on your sofa, or at the cinema, enjoy a comedy that will lift your mood. Watching a period / romantic drama is a good idea too – not only do you learn from it, but it is a nice distraction as well.

6. Drink Herbal Tea

Since centuries, herbal tea has been recognised to have a lot of relaxing virtues : camomile, lime, mint leaves, bergamot. Drink them before bed, and you’ll sleep like a baby.
The traditional tea with milk is also helpful. Milk has soothing virtues and is high in vitamins B12. If you have a dairy free diet, you can try some alternative vegetal milks.


7. Eat Food High In Magnesium And Protein

Dark chocolate is high in magnesium and contains caffeine. It is an alternative to drinking coffee and will give you the kick you need to finish writing that dissertation and cope with stress. For any benefit, avoid chocolate with less than 60% cacoa. Like the French, enjoy a break at 4pm – moment of the day when sugar is supposedly absorbed the best- with a couple of pieces of energising dark chocolate.
Bananas are equally high in magnesium and potassium,  and contain melatonin – the hormone the body releases when you fall asleep. They should be included in any balanced diet. Nuts such as cashews, pecans, peanuts are a great source of natural vitamins. They are ideals for snacks, and very yummy too.

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8. Plan Your Holidays

If the present brings you down, think of the future! Just picture yourself on the beach this summer, sipping on your favourite cocktail, and thinking how beautiful life is… well, use that image to cope with the stress of the exams period!

It might seem endless now, and very hard, but it will pay in the long run. Maybe, you are in high school and want to get into THAT particular college, or you already are in college and just want to succeed that year to go further in your studies, just plan a well deserved break: travel abroad, explore new cities, be curious, plan holidays with your besties. Time will fly!

9. Motivate Yourself With A Shopping Session

Because you had a bad day, you’re taking one down, you sing a sad song just to turn it around (‘Bad Day’ by Daniel Powter)? Why not do a shopping session to cope with stress ? Buy something to celebrate the effort you put into your studies and motivates you to go further and beyond.


10. Have A Bath

Water is THE soothing element. Take some time off from your hectic life, and just be for a few minutes.  Add some scented candles if it is something you enjoy. Forget your worries, lock them out of your bathroom and just say to yourself that you will deal with them later. You can choose to stop stressing around. Take a minute, close your eyes, breath in, breath out, focus, empty your mind. Meditation, yoga are ideal to help you connect with your inner self and let go of useless and toxic elements that pollute your life.

So How Do You Cope With Stress During The Exams Period? Let Us Know In The Comments Below!

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