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How To Become A Master Cocktail Creator

How To Become A Master Cocktail Creator

How To Become A Master Cocktail Creator

Cocktails are a delicious and enjoyable time. The only downside of cocktails is that they can be a bit pricey on a night out. So! Try your hand at making your own!


The first thing to think of is what is your favourite kind of juice or non-alcoholic beverage to drink. For me, it is something fruity like pineapple juice or cranberry juice. This is a sure-fire way to make sure you like the kind of cocktail you are about to make. You can’t go wrong if you like the base flavour of the cocktail.

If you do not have a sweet tooth you can skip juice altogether and just opt for soda water or another alcohol such as prosecco or Moscato. If you go for an alcoholic base, warn your friends, especially those who tend to be a bit of a lightweight when it comes to drinking. If you don’t want to use juice consider using fresh fruit and muddling it, which basically squishing fruit in the bottom of a shaker. This can help to add a subtle but still fruity flavour, not to mention it will look super professional!



In order to make sure you can drink endless amounts of your cocktail, make sure it’s not overly sweet or too intense. A mixer is the answer, so try something subtle and neutral such as soda water, ginger ale or if you are a sweet tooth, lemonade. Mixers are also great to make sure you can make a large quantity of your cocktail because if it’s to die for your friends will be demanding more! So you have to cater to the masses.

You don’t have to be super fussy with this step. Pick something that you feel will go with just about anything. But! remember if you are using a mixer that is carbonated, do not add it until after you have shaken your cocktail. Otherwise, you may encounter a bit of an exploding issue.


Now don’t be fooled into thinking you can just tip a couple shots of vodka into a glass and the alcohol part is done. No no no you have to be more creative than that. Think fruits or other flavours that you like, such as berry or banana, then buy a bottle or two of flavoured liqueurs to use in your cocktail. This will add some extra flavour and complexity to your cocktail.

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This will also help to mask the intense flavour of your main alcohol. This will ensure it tastes yummy! Now pick your main alcohol, tequila, gin, rum or vodka. Or if you really want to go crazy, pick multiple! Now you are on your way to being a master cocktail creator. Now be patient because getting flavour combinations right can take time and will include a lot of trial and error. But hey experimenting can be fun!


Now the trick to making you look really professional is all in the presentation. Pick out a cute glass like a martini glass, no one can feel sad drinking out of a martini glass. Then think about how you are going to layer the contents of your drink, if you have a mixer to top up your drink after it has been shaken, make sure you pour the alcohol, the heaviest part, in first then slowly pour the mixer on top.


This will create a nice gradient. Now add a toothpick with fruit on it, a sprig of mint or an orange slice. You will have created a beautiful, irresistible cocktail!

All your friends will be begging for you to be the bartender at your next party! Let us know your favourite cocktail concoctions!

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