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How To Be A Freak In The Sheets (And Love It!)

Are you ever looking for ways to spice up your sex life but don’t know what to do? Well, become a freak in the sheets! Don’t worry, it’s not as weird as it sounds. Here are a few simple steps to take on how to be a freak in the sheets that will make your sex life much more exciting!

1. Do a little roleplay

The bed room is always a good place to test your acting chops and it gives you a chance to get a better use out of that Halloween costume you bought. The possibilities are endless and they all make for a much sexier bedroom experience. You can go from as tame as sexy police officer and the criminal to a heated love season between chubaka and catwoman. It is one of the easiest steps on how to be a freak in the sheets!

2. Get a little physical

In the words of Queen RiRi, “Chains and whips excite me!” One way to step on up from bland gentle sex is to literally rough it up. Depending on your pain tolerance, you can live a whole BDSM a flog some ass till it’s tenderised or try some spanking and a bit of choking. Everyone’s doing it, even ‘ Zaddy’ celebs like Nick Jonas.

3. Go for three

One way to definitely be a little more on the freak-a-deek side is to add an extra player into the game. While some say three’s a crowd, the right addition, can definitely make sex much more exhilarating for all involved. They say three’s the magic number for a reason.

4. Get a little scandalous

Sex needn’t be only in the bedroom, get a bit adventurous with it; relive your childhood and have a little more fun in the tub, or opt for a closet to if want a tighter and more intimate. You can even take it up a notch and go on to even doing some naughty business out of the house- some sex in a public bathroom, maybe in the park, but just make sure you’re careful you don’t want to end up in an awkward situation or even worse a police van.

5. Let go of inhibitions – confidence is everything

One sure fire way to be a freak in the bed is owning the inner sex freak inside of you and showing full out confidence. If you aren’t a naturally confident person (at least not in the bedroom) use some music to ‘get your freak on’ the right background song can instantly make you go from zero to a sex hero.

6. Foreplay is everything

Just like pre-heating an oven before cooking a pizza is fundamental to a good pizza, foreplay is vital to ensure a good sex session. Tactics such as a striptease, some very heavy and hands on kissing, drive your partner to the sex edge. This is definitely important on how to be a freak in the sheets!

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7. Be naughty

Keep the goody-two-shoes at bay while in the bedroom and let the naughty you come out to play. Do some dirty talk, turn up the hoe-metre and act extra sultry to get the best rile up from your partner.

8. Change up the position

In this day and age, you’re not going to get away with a simple missionary position. You’re not in the military so you’ve got to abandon that position. Be extra, throw that ass back, get on your hands and knees, go upside down, ride your partner till the sunsets, 69, the possibilities are endless so why be basic.

9. Be a bit restrictive

Try you hand at a bit of bondage. While it seems restrictive and you might think that it’d drop your sex flow, the constriction might actually leave you feeling extra hot as it gives an adrenaline rush, so its just the thing to literally get your blood pumping during sex.

Do you think these are good tips on how to be a freak in the sheets? Let us know in the comments below!

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