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How To Balance Being A Full Time Student With A Part Time Job

How To Balance Being A Full Time Student With A Part Time Job

If you're a full time student dealing with a part time job, it can be a lot to manage. Here's how to balance your work life, studies, and social life all in one!

With the maintenance loan more often than none failing to cover the cost of living as a student, it was found in 2015 by a survey conducted by Endsleigh that 8 out of 10 students were working a part-time job alongside their studies. Some students have it easier than others at university, you will meet some students who haven’t worked a day in their lives. On the other hand, you will meet a lot of students that contrast this and are balancing working a part-time job alongside their full-time studies at university. This isn’t actually an easy thing to do but some people enjoy the extra money and others don’t have a choice but to work and earn some cash to support themselves. Here are some tips on how to balance being a full time student with a part time job.


More often than none, your part-time retail job couldn’t care less about your education so it’s up to you to remember that your main priority is your education. Getting the most out of your education is paramount. Make sure that the hours that you are doing in your part-time work don’t conflict with your university hours, this can be hard to do if you have university 4 days a week but just make sure they don’t overlap too much.

Time Management/Organisation

Keep a diary and keep on top of your deadlines, either a diary or a calendar so you can see them in front of you. Keep track of the shifts that you are working and organise your time around them accordingly in order to meet your deadlines and enjoy yourself sometimes by attending some of the socials. It is important not to overdo the workload you need time to cool off and have some leisurely time as well.

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Sometimes say NO

It’s not all events that you’re invited to you must take up, remember you’re a working full-time student. Can you afford to take up overtime when you need to be studying? Or that friend who has invited you out for drinks? Sometimes say no.

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