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How To Achieve A Natural Fake Tan

How To Achieve A Natural Fake Tan

A natural fake tan can help you bronze your skin without needing to be exposed to those sun rays. Here are the best fake tans for you!

A natural fake tan can help you look great without the trouble of getting a real tan. Many of us dream of having sun kissed skin for Summer, or all year round. Unfortunately. most of us can’t jet off to the Caribbean no matter how much we would like to. So, to save you the hours of soaking up the sun, which is both time consuming and quite frankly, not that good for you, here is how to achieve a natural fake tan.

Prepping your body:

Before you can even think about what product to use, it is important to prep your body for the product you will be applying. Just like cleaning your face before putting on makeup. A vital step is to exfoliate, a cult favourite is the Soap and Glory: scrub of your life. The beads in the formula are amazing at creating a creamy lather, that not only moisturises but buffs away dead skin cells, to leave your skin feeling buff and smooth.

Another great step that will make your tan all that more natural is a moisturiser. Again, from Soap and Glory the righteous butter contains shea butter and aloe vera to truly quench dried out skin. This will ensure that the fake tan you apply does not cling and flake around any dry patches of skin, such as the elbows and knees.


Having the right tools:

To achieve a natural fake tan, you need to have the right tools. Applying your fake tan with your hands will be streaky and un-even. Investing in a good quality mitt is worth it as you can re-use it again and again. A mitt with allow you to evenly work the product into the skin and will save you from having orange palms.

Tanning wipes:

With tanning being a big business, many brands are bringing out innovative ways of tanning. Solait, by Superdrug have released bronzing wipes for only £2.99! They are especially formulated for a natural tan with no streaks. Enriched with vitamin E, the skin is left soft and glowing.

An in-shower fix:

If you want a tan and you want to save time, St Tropez have you covered. Their gradual tan in shower lotion, is the perfect fix for a natural stress-free way to tan. In the shower apply from head to toe, even on your face. Turn of the water and leave for three minutes and then rinse. Hardly any effort at all, right? Use consecutively for a few days and you will notice a light glowing tan. The streak free formula contains almond oil for added moisture also. What is not to love about this hassle-free way to tan?

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A spray tan:

Spray tans can have the misconception of being very dark and noticeable. However, it can be a great alternative to ensure you have an even streak free colour, which can be hard to do yourself when you are trying to get the middle of your back, let me tell you! When booking your spray tan, the technician will tell you the different colours and types they have, so you can find something to suit you perfectly. The only down fall is they can be quite expensive each time!

A tinted moisturiser:

For an ultra-looking natural tan, try a tinted moisturiser rather than an actual fake tan. Garnier, Summer body is a beauty favourite, in fact the Uk’s no.1 gradual tanning lotion. This is great if you are a beginner as it can be applied like a normal moisturiser. Or, if you just want a natural look. The product is enriched with apricot extract which adds moisture and an amazing scent. Try this for a natural sun kissed glow available for light and deeper skin tones.

What is your favourite way to tan? How do you achieve a natural fake tan? Let us know in the comments below!
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