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How Legally Blonde Inspired Me To Study Like A Boss

Everyone knows that Legally Blonde offers us many lessons on relationships and life, but the ones I am going to address today are on how to study like a boss. Whether you are in high school or dreading through university, this article may just give you the kick you need to write that amazing essay or study for that important exam! We won’t consider them study hacks as these will more likely serve as a guide. Everyone has their own preferred method of study therefore, we can’t all oblige to some of the hacks that articles provide us. Plus, these examples will spark up your creativity and make studying a lot more fun!

Make Colourful Notes

Now, I know it may sound simple but bear with me. Take your usual notes in class, let them be messy. Once you get home collect them all in a notebook of your choice and get creative! It’s scientifically proven that bright colours stay in your memory the longest. Moreover, when you copy them to your new notebook you are also revising over what you learned that day. Once the time for studying comes you’ll have an organised book with colourful notes by your side! The downside is everyone will want to borrow your notes. Don’t let that discourage you! Pass your aesthetic notebook around and let it inspire others!

Endorphins Make You Happy

I know exercise is something that most of us find horrifying, especially if combined with studying. However, in Legally Blonde Elle educates us on the importance of endorphins. Not only does releasing endorphins make you happy but did you know that if you listen to a lecture, or read, while you pace around/exercise it actually helps you memorise it faster? I know some of us have the terrible habit of rereading something until it is stuck in our head, whether it is out loud or not.  The problem here is that in the long run this technique is not ideal. The information will only stay in your brain for the next hours. Practising reading your notes while pacing will create a habit your body will get used to, therefore making it easier for you to remember your notes before the exam!

Bring Your Notes Everywhere

Once the fabulous montage of Elle studying in Legally Blonde begins we can see her studying everywhere. At the library, with her friends, bedroom and even at the salon! Take your proper colourful and organised notebook with you and take it out when you find yourself in a long queue or stuck between a boring family gathering. It will help you keep track of your progress and help the time go by faster!

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Get Company!

In Legally Blonde Elle can’t live without her best friend Bruiser! Studying is more fun with a friend! Quiz each other, watch lectures together, swap notes and correct each others quizzes. After all, Elle would have never gotten into Harvard without the effort and support of her best friends at Delta Nu. The little furry guy you see on the photo is my lovely kitten Gideon. I would say he is ALWAYS the best at helping me study but his cuteness sometimes can get me distracted. Know when you need some time alone and when you can study with friends! Don’t just do one or the other, mixing it up is important!

Thank you so much for joining me! I hope you try some of these out and if you do pleaaaase send me photos of your aesthetic notes on Instagram or Twitter! Comment what you think about these and let me know if you have any other inspirational study methods!

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