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How I Made Extra Cash While In College

How I Made Extra Cash While In College

Do you want to make extra cash between one class and another?Here's 6 alternative methods to make quick, easy money while studying at college or university


Being broke while studying at college or university is guaranteed to make a bad day even worse. You don’t know pure misery until you can’t even afford retail therapy for when you completely flop one of your assignments. That being said, here are some of the more unconventional methods that I used to make some quick cash while in college:

1. Cook for flatmates

My flatmate hired me to be his ‘personal chef’ as he craved more homemade, unprocessed meals after consuming one too many takeaway pizzas and Subway sandwiches. In all honesty, he didn’t pay me that much, but since I also ate a portion of the meals that I’d cooked for him, I managed to save as well as make extra cash. This method is ideal for when you have both time and a genuine passion for cooking. Some examples of the fresh food I made include: shawarma wraps, lasagna, and kabsa (chicken and rice) – all of which were all fairly easy to make.


2. Fill out surveys

You have to fill out these surveys like they’re your full-time job to ensure you actually benefit from those 15 minutes you spent answering ‘Yes’ ‘No’ or ‘Don’t Know’ to various questions. Most college surveys, which are typically sent via email, offer good incentives such as meals, Amazon vouchers, cash and electronic devices (iPads/iPhones)– all of which I’ve managed to obtain by religiously filling out any surveys emailed to me. They’re not even as time-consuming as most students assume since you can easily complete them while you’re waiting for your food in the oven or sitting aimlessly on buses and trains. Just follow the instructions and make sure you submit your personal details (email and mobile number) at the end of each survey to enter yourself into prize draws.

3. Write essays

If you’re a talented writer and researcher, consider writing essays as the potential cash earned can be noticeably higher compared to the other methods. I’ve written a few essays for others about topics that I had no business writing about. Beware though, this method is time-consuming and stressful, so only attempt it if writing is certainly your forte and you’ve got time on your hands. After all, no one wants to pay you to write them a shoddy essay.

4. Tutor schoolchildren

There are usually several schools in the same area as colleges and universities, and many include students who require tutoring in subjects like Maths and Sciences. If you’re able to confidently and professionally tutor students at a basic level, then this is definitely a method worth considering. Just ensure you’ve obtained your DBS/background check, align your tutoring availability with your college/university timetable and carefully outline what your teaching capabilities are before agreeing to the role.

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5. College/University representative

If you’re a social butterfly then why not join a student service, such as the careers, library or wellbeing services, at the College/University that you’re based at to make extra cash? The services don’t tend to ask for too much as they’re well aware you’re a student and so require only a few hours of your time every week for in-person and online promotion across campus and social media. Similar roles include nightclub promotion, which also includes giving out flyers and consistently updating online platforms with the latest events. Plus, you get to meet loads more people and make new friends from various social circles.

6. Human lab rat

The last role I’d recommend is to be a lab-rat or a participant in a research project. Many schools, particularly Psychology and Pharmacy, need volunteers to contribute to their findings and case studies. Some roles may not pay cash if it’s being conducted by students, but if you look well enough, you can find ones that will definitely pay you for your contribution. Your job first and foremost would be to locate a suitable study that you’re happy to take part in, as some may involve the use of test drugs rather than plain observation, hence why this method is last on the list. Study what the research topic is and make sure you’re fully comfortable with being a medical guinea pig.


Have you used any alternative methods to make extra cash while studying at college or university? Let us know in the comments below!

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