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How I Got Healthier In 5 Simple Steps

How I Got Healthier In 5 Simple Steps

How I Got Healthier In 5 Simple Steps

Whenever I tell someone I’m going to go to the gym or they offer me a biscuit and I say I’m trying to be healthy, they tell me I’m not fat and should eat more.

And they’re right, I’m not fat. But I’m not fit either. At least I wasn’t.

When you get to a point where you feel groggy all the time and often uncomfortable in your own skin, it doesn’t matter if you’re thin, there’s still an urge to improve your health. This doesn’t mean losing weight it means making your body healthier. 


Being healthy means your mood and energy levels will improve, can help with health problems like depression and diabetes, and can better your confidence in your physical appearance.

So, here are the five things that have helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin.

1) Green Tea

I was an avid coffee and tea drinker. I pretty much believed I couldn’t function without caffeine practically running through my veins. However, I managed to cut -out normal tea altogether and now only have one coffee in the morning. Instead, I drink green tea or water with lemon and orange segments. It’s full of anti-oxidants. It can also improve brain function, fat burning, and physical performance. Plus, there’s something about drinking it that instantly makes me think ‘I am the definition of health’.

2) Core Workouts

It doesn’t take a gym membership to get fit. Exercising in a qym requires time and money and a whole lot of effort. Working out at home is no less efficient. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps that promise abs in 30 days and some of them are worth downloading. “Lose Belly Fat” is a particularly good one. No, you don’t miraculously get abs in 30 days but you do get a pleasant ache and a hint of 2-pack after a while. I guess if you stick at it long enough and you’re bound to get a 6-pack eventually.


3) Salad

Eating healthily is obviously a big part of becoming a healthier person. But that doesn’t mean cutting out your favourite foods completely.

The hardest part of getting healthier was having the self-control to have salad in the place of chips. However, after a week, chopping up lettuce became second nature and it feels normal to have chicken kiev in a side salad. Honestly, I don’t even miss chips. Eating healthily keeps you energised and helps your body grow and repair. 

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4) Packed Lunch

Making lunch before going out for the day isn’t just a money-saving technique, it’s also a way of controlling what you’re eating. This forces you to stay healthy. Packing a few healthy items means you won’t have the opportunity to be tempted by junk at lunchtime. Just don’t let yourself buy anything later in the day. 

5) Sleep

This is such an obvious one but, on days when I didn’t get enough sleep I felt sorry for myself all day and would snack and junk food. With enough sleep, I had the energy for 2 workouts each day and felt all together happier in my own skin, helping me stick to my healthy plan. If you can see the difference in yourself, it’s easy to continue.

Most importantly, don’t get too worked up about fitness routines. Don’t try and lose weight if you don’t need to. Simply make yourself healthier by following these steps.


Torturing yourself to get fit is not worth it when you can gradually get there without changing your lifestyle too much. With these five changes, I got healthier in about two weeks. There was a notable difference in my mood and life in just 14 days.

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Feature image: Medical News Today