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How Do I Stay Calm When Everything Is Starting To Build Up

How Do I Stay Calm When Everything Is Starting To Build Up

What do I mean by everything? I mean anything that I am emotionally invested in that being friends, family, work, boyfriend, plans for the future and you get the gist of it. Usually, it is one of these things causing issues or any stressful situation. The world works in mysterious ways, and there are times when everything starts to build up, and you don’t know how to crawl out of this hole alive. “Stay calm” is what I tell myself a lot. I can’t control all the things snowballing, but I can control how I stay calm. 

Unleash Your Inner Organizer

If I want to stay calm during the storm that is my life sometimes, I need to organize the living hell out of it, not in an obsessive way though. It is not about having control of what will happen. It is more about knowing what is happening now. 

When you have in front of you your schedule, your to-do list and your ticked off tasks you are on the right path if you want to stay calm.


I am a visual person that likes colors. Therefore a planner with neon sticky notes with my name inside is something I cherish. It works well when you are trying to prevent stressful situations from happening as well. 

If you are not the biggest fan of planners, at least note down all your tasks, because ticking off those is a very crucial ‘stay calm’ factor. 


Talking Can Fail You, So Turn To Journalling

It is natural for human being to want to vent and complain about one’s struggles and hardships. It is healthy to talk things out and let everything out of your system. Personally, if I would share with my friends all the little things building up in my brain to stay calm I would risk them never replying to my messages ever again. 

Sometimes talking is overrated and I feel safer writing my thoughts down. It is safer because I do not have to worry about the response, about the judgment or additional questioning. 


I use journaling to vent. I use journaling to let myself know it is going to be alright. I use journaling to remind myself I can’t change what the universe has in store with me. I use journaling to write everything down, the good, the bad, the crazy, the sad.  It leaves me feeling significantly lighter. 

Get Your Priorities Straight

When everything becomes too much for me to handle I always remind myself what is important and what is not. It really helps me to stay calm. Think about it; it makes sense. It is more about shelving what does not matter and paying attention to issues of value. 

If I am too busy and I don’t get to hang out with my friends one evening, it is okay, because I know I had to finish work. If I stress over social media and compare myself to others, I remind myself that social media is a medium and it will not control my happiness. 


When I get overwhelmed my priorities are simples. Get enough of sleep, eat breakfast, have a coffee, catch up on my work, check up on my family and friends, move my body and watch a series. I tried to avoid all the silliness around gossip, drama and social media. 

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Grounding Myself 

I see grounding myself as counting my blessings and appreciating what I have rather than thinking of what I don’t have. It is an incredible way of how to stay calm during a tough time. 

How do I ground myself you ask? It goes hand-in-hand with journalling and my trustee law of attraction. You simply write down what you are grateful for. It could be the little things like having a good latte or the more important stuff like getting to wake up in the morning. It sounds like nothing, but it really shifts your day for better. 

Let It Go And Let It Out

The hardest step of all when I try to stay calm is letting things go. It applies the most to emotions and relationships. 


When I journal and write my heart out, I talk about everything with the hope of letting it go and letting it rest in my journal. 

If writing doesn’t cut it for you, btw it is not enough for me as well sometimes, try letting it out in a different way. There is nothing that compares to working out when you try to stay calm. For myself, the trick is running. It feels like you can run ahead of your problems and it does clear your mind. 

We would love to know what is your go-to trick when you want to stay calm. Share with us in the comments. 

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