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15 House Plants The Are Hard AF To Kill That You Need Right Now

15 House Plants The Are Hard AF To Kill That You Need Right Now

Take a look at these house plants that are so easy to take care of, you will definitely want more than one! Check out these cute options!

Let’s be honest – no house is complete without a plant. They brighten our mood and make an incredible addition to any interior. However, not all of us are good at caring for house plants. Don’t worry, taking care of a plant doesn’t have to be difficult! Some plants don’t even need that much attention and can survive on their own for weeks. Check out our list of 15 house plants that are hard AF to kill.

Aloe Vera

The soothing gel that comes from this plant is really good for cuts and burns. You don’t have to water an Aloe too often because you need the soil to fully dry in-between waterings. This means that you can leave it unattended for days!


Lamb’s Ear

Sometimes also called rabbit’s ear, this plant has very cute soft leaves that are pleasant to the touch. It grows quite fast but doesn’t need much water because its leaves prevent fast water loss.

3.Spider Plant

This plant is very easy to grow and doesn’t need much care. It quickly produces lots of offspring that can be repotted, which pretty much means that this plant never dies.



There are many different variations on this plant so you can pick the perfect one for your home. You only have to water it once in a while when the top soil is dry. It definitely won’t die on you that quickly!


5.Campfire Crassula

With its beautiful fiery colour this plant will make the perfect addition to your room. What’s more, its leaves change colour and can vary all the way from yellow to red. You can easily leave this plant on its own for a couple of weeks and it’ll be just fine.


Yes, this is a real plant, not just a type of food! All it needs is bright light and not that much water, which makes it a great low maintenance plant to keep at home. It is also sometimes known as a paddle plant due to the shape of its leaves.


7.Sago Palm

Its unique fern-like appearance will give your house a tropical feel. The sago palm is a very old plant that has been around for centuries, so you’ll pretty much be keeping a piece of history. The easiest way to kill it is with overwatering; otherwise, it’s not very demanding.



This plant has the incredible ability to purify air, which makes it the perfect plant to keep indoors. All you have to do is cut back its stem trails to prevent it from overgrowing. It can happily survive in room temperatures without much light or water.

9.English Ivy

The English ivy is a very beautiful and elegant plant that will look brilliant in any interior. You can easily cut off certain sections of it in order to grow a new plant. For the most part, it likes moist soil, but otherwise it will be fine.



With its lush, pretty leaves this plant will definitely brighten your home and make it more cozy. It lives for a very long time and doesn’t need that much to survive. Just be sure to keep it next to some bright light, but you only have to water it once in a while.

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11.Rubber Plant

This plant is a very fast grower, so you can prune its stems in order to stop it from expanding so rapidly. Its soil has to dry in-between waterings, which means that you can happily leave it on its own for a few days. It has really pretty, glossy leaves that I’m sure you’re going to love.


12.Peace Lily

With its pretty white blossoms and contrasting dark leaves, the peace lily is a beautiful addition to any house. It likes low light and low humidity, which makes it really easy to take care of. Just be sure to keep its soil quite moist.

13.Snake Plant

This plant looks really stylish and will definitely fit well into your house. It’s not very demanding – it likes room temperatures, dry soil, and doesn’t really care about lighting. There are also plenty of variations with leaves that either have white or yellow edges.



You can create a topiary effect with this plant by trimming it accordingly. It likes bright light but not too much water, so you only need to water it a few times a week. It’s definitely very cute!


15.Christmas Cactus

Very cheerful and colourful, this plant will look beautiful any time of year. Its flowers can either be red, purple, pink, or white, so your house will always look and feel festive. What’s more, it’s very low maintenance and won’t die on you.

Which of these house plants are your favourite? What house plants do you keep? Share your beauties with us below!

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