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How To Pull Off This Year’s Hottest Summer Trends

How To Pull Off This Year’s Hottest Summer Trends

The summer is a great time to try new trends and looks. Switch up your style and try these hot summer trends, from gingham and stripes to ruffles and mules!

Although the summer is quickly pushing towards August, and it seems like winter is just around the corner, there is still time to complete your summer wardrobe and make the most out of the warmer months. The Met Office promises 3 months of on and off again heat waves, so before shrugging back on your winter coat don’t be afraid to go out and get some last-minute summer items before the shops begin to stock their Autumn collections. Here are the Top 10 hottest summer trends and how you can pull them off!

Banker Stripes

Banker stripes hold many great qualities, they give both a professional appearance with the added benefit of the vertical stripes elongating the figure whilst slimming out the body. Opt for a semi-fitted shirt, clinching around the waist area so as not to give off a pyjama top effect, with some casual jeans and cute mules for a versatile look.


A pattern that has been reappearing in stores again and again over the years; Gingham has made a comeback and, when worn well, can produce a stylish and mature look. A cute oversized Gingham shirt with statement sleeves or some fitted Gingham trousers with frilled bottoms work best. Wear with basic coloured additional clothing items so as not to overpower the look.


Off Shoulder Tops

Adding a touch of romance to your summer wardrobe: the off shoulder top. These have been the hit of the summer, adding an elegant and edgy statement for any outfit. Opt for an off shoulder top with longer sleeves to balance the extra show of skin, and wear with a floaty longer skirt or some cute shorts to complete any outfit.

Shirt Dress

Shirt Dresses are a great addition to the summer wardrobe and, due to their versatility, are easy to style in a multitude of different ways. Pick a colour that suits your skin tone, although a nice white or pastel colour creates a great base for outfit building, and wear alone with some cute sandals for a cute summer outfit or layer over some trousers with one of the front panels tucked in for an edgier look.

Embroidered Denim Jacket

While spring opted for the embroidered leather jacket, summer is all about the embroidered denim jacket, and for good reason. The denim jacket creates an almost retro feel, and after a long day spent with friends in the park, this jacket will keep you both warm and stylish as you make your way home. Don’t be afraid to try some double denim here with some cute denim shorts, or wear over a floaty floral dress to add a different dynamic to your outfit.



When I think Ruffles, I think old timey dresses and shirts, but Ruffles have been brought back into the modern wardrobe in a big way this summer. This summer they have mainly been seen coupled with the off-shoulder look, but look equally great around the collar to give your outfit some volume. The larger the ruffles the sleeker the rest of the outfit should be to create balance, so try an exaggerated ruffle with fitted trousers or skirts and a slimmer ruffle with a wide leg trouser or floaty skirt.

Statement Sleeves

If you hadn’t noticed already, statement sleeves have been a big thing this summer. It began with the bell sleeve at the beginning of the season, and then slowly transitioned into kimono sleeves and then a ruffled exaggerated bishop sleeve. This season, a statement sleeve is worn best on an off-shoulder top or dress, with a sleeker item of clothing worn on the bottom half and minimal accessories.

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As the weather really heats up, wearing a bralette is the perfect way to keep cool while still being dead on trend. Worn in 3 different ways, each with slightly different styling, the bralette should be a staple clothing item in your wardrobe. Wear  as a stand-alone top, matched with some high waisted shorts, trousers or a skirt for a stylish day look, or under a see-through or revealing top with some comfortable jeans for an edgy night look. If you’re not too comfortable with showing skin, but still want to embrace the trend, layer the bralette over a shirt for a different take on these looks.

Frayed or Frilled Trousers

A lot of this summer’s main trends have been about creating a statement on your top half, but designers haven’t forgotten about translating this into the trouser department with Frayed and Frilled Trousers. When choosing your trouser, make sure to pick something that’s finished slightly high on the ankle as it elongates your leg and creates a really feminine line. But apart from that have fun with pattern and fit, although I would recommend a straight cut. Style with a fitted top, as too much upper volume with this trouser will overwhelm your outfit, and some strappy or open-toed shoes.



No outfit is complete without some on trend footwear, and this season’s staple shoe is the Mule. This shoe can be very versatile and works well for office wear and casual wear, flat or with a heel. Wear with either a cut-off trouser, to really show the shoe off, or shorts or a skirt… a mule can really be worn with any outfit to create an amazing finished look.

With at least a month and a half left of summer, there’s no reason not to revamp your wardrobe. Get shopping and really be on trend with this list of the top summer trends.
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