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10 Hot Colour Trends For Autumn Winter 2018

10 Hot Colour Trends For Autumn Winter 2018

Colour trends for the cooler autumn and winter months are important to keep in mind when planning your next fashionable outfit.

Colour trends come and go with the seasons. Autumn is here and it’s that time of year again when we’re updating our closets and picking out our hats and scarves. Everything feels that bit warmer and cosier, especially wrapped up in the comfort of your living room watching the world go by.

But though summer is over, there are still plenty of hot colour trends for Autumn and Winter 2018 still to come! There are classics which come back every year as well as some which are emerging as October draws closer. These 10 especially are ones you won’t want to miss out on!

1. Pumpkin spice orange

The best thing about Autumn is being able to wear bright, eye catching shades such as orange. Opposed to looking like a pumpkin, this colour is designed in the same way pumpkin spice is: To add just a hint of October to your overall look.


Orange coats in particular can be a good way to brighten up a simple look. Avoid clashing bright colours together though or this will lessen the effect this stylish finishing touch can bring.

2. Warm mustard yellows

Cropping up around the beginning of November, mustard yellows and honey tones add a warmth to anything you put together. Not only is it a great tone for all from tights to scarves, it’s also perfect for home decor.


Head to Ikea to find some throws and cushion covers in mustard yellow to welcome the Autumn into your home. Whilst it’s muted and golden in shade, it is by far one of the hottest colour trends set for 2018.

3. 1950’s black, white and grey

Attention all thrifters, 1950’s photos are your go to for outfit ideas mid November onwards. Dig out your family photo albums at the grandparents house and see what inspiration you can find. Use these as a starting point to put together a crisp black and white look with just a touch of red lipstick for a classic end of year New York look.


4. Burgundy/rich brown combinations

Combination colours, especially in burgundy and rich browns, are a go to for lazy days and any extra accessories you might need. Throwing together a burgundy shirt and scarf with a brown skirt and boots is perfect both for long afternoons at the library and hitting the high street for Christmas shopping with your friends.

Satchels especially are a good way to tap into this palette and will remain hot on the market until January. Gorgeous but calm, this combination is great for any occasion.


5. Plaid patterns

Would it really be December without plaid? Whether you go for a blazer, blanket or a mock kilt, you need some plaid in your life. Well suited to give a smart effect for days at uni or for that first date, there are endless options to pair this pattern with some great jewel colours.

Make sure you keep your plaid looks around for the New Year so that you are extra prepared for Burns night!


6. Earthy greens

When the leaves are all fallen and the snow is on its way, earthy greens provide a welcome spring of life to British city life. Warm to wear as well as to view, shades of green dark and light are going to be popular from here until spring. Another great colour for coats and if things are especially wintry, some woolly mittens.

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7. Claret wine red

Another one great for accessories until mid December when you are welcome to dress in red and green as you please! Add a Parisian touch to your look with a red beret or purse and of course, that much loved lipstick that is irreplaceable this Fall.


8. Mix and match jewel tones

As with burgundy and red, mix together your favourite jewel tones and experiment to see what works best for you. A personal favourite is a selection of three together, such as an earthy green with a dark red and mustard yellow accessories. This can create a really beautiful effect overall that will leave a lasting impression.

9. Navy blue and cream

Want to make your outfit for work a bit more chic? Mix together navy blue and white instead of just opting for black skirts and tights. It gives everything that clean, crisp coordination that will make you feel instantly organised and ready to take on the day.


10. Robin egg blue

And lastly, robin egg blue is the way to welcome in the New Year. Underrated but beautiful, this pastel shade will let you blend in with the snow without feeling the chill. Also, a perfect colour that will be hot on the stationery market come January exam time! This is definitely one of the colour trends to keep an eye open for!

What do you think are some colour trends for autumn and winter? Which of these colour trends is your favourite? Tell us in the comments!
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