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10 Hot Bikinis To Wear For An Unforgettable Summer

10 Hot Bikinis To Wear For An Unforgettable Summer

Are you gearing up for another summer? Shopping for the perfect hot bikinis to sport all season long is crucial forenjoying the beach and boat! From patterns to solids to neutrals to colours, we've rounded up the hottest bikinis out there right now!

Are you one of those people who like to plan in advance? It’s not bikini or holiday season yet but you know how hard it is to find perfect hot bikinis that fit. You have to try countless ones to find the right size especially when the bust is larger. It’s a nightmare. So in order to save myself from stress, I start early! I know, you don’t get many options as the summer collection is not out yet, but there are still enough out there! Here are 10 hot bikinis to wear for an unforgettable summer!

1) Rock Lace V-Neck Bandeau Bikini, Tezenis

This bandeau is one of the hot bikinis that debuts black with red flowers and green leaves to swimwear this coming season. With tanned skin this bikini will look fantastic! Also, the two cups are separated so don’t be afraid of a uni-boob. I would match it with black bottoms but you can go for red if you want to!


2) Romance Jungle White Bikini Top + Bottom

The pattern on this pair is so dreamy! I love the pink and turquoise! Because the main colour is white, I would recommend to tan a bit before putting it on, as white looks better on darker complexions rather than completely pale ones.




3) Romance Jungle Black Balconette Bikini + Bottom

Another black bikini. The pattern is tropical with green leaves and pink flowers. So exotic and cute for summer!


4) Paradise Bikini Top With ruffle Trim, Bershka

I love the frills on this bikini! They add a feminine touch while the blue detail looks great in contrast to the pink!


5) Polka Dot Bikini Top, Bershka

Feeling like a 70s queen? Then polka dot is for you! This red bikini is so cute and perfect for anyone!


6) Tropical Bandeau Bikini Top, Bershka

Yellow and generally vibrant colours are a must during the summer! This is one of the bandeau hot bikinis, which gives a bit more support.

7) Black Floral Strappy Front Halterneck Bikini Top, New Look

Another tropical bikini but the base colour on this one is black. But it does have a few vibrant colours like green, pink and yellow, perfect for the summer season!


8) Triangle Bikini Top, H&M

The back on this bikini is super cute! I would suggest this piece to smaller bust-sized girls, as it is a bit of a risky bikini, if you know what I mean. But the pattern is simple yet again with flowers. You can pair this with white bottoms to change the style a bit!

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9) Balconette Bikini Top, H&M

Not gonna lie, but I usually go for these types of bikinis as they offer more support. These ones from H&M have a strong band to keep your girls up, good straps and a sweetheart line to prevent the uni-boob look.


10) Striped Bikini Top, H&M

I really like that this bikini is so low cut! I also love the frills! Your tan will look amazing as the straps are thin!

11) Grey Bikini Top, H&M

Same style as the previous one but this one is in grey. Although it does not have frills it still looks simple and stylish for the beach or pool!



Which of these hot bikinis did you like the most from the above? Let us know in the comments!

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