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10 Horrifying Easter Bunny Pictures You Won’t Believe

10 Horrifying Easter Bunny Pictures You Won’t Believe

10 Horrifying Easter Bunny Pictures You Won't Believe

As a kid, Easter was one of my favourite holidays. Spring was all about the bright colours and the holiday was filled with cute baby animals such as little chicks and bunny rabbits. The best part was exchanging huge chocolate eggs with friends and going off on an Easter egg hunt set up by the infamous Easter bunny.

Now that I’m older Easter no longer instils that feeling of fun and childhood bliss. If anything, the thought of a grown man in a bunny costume is a little disconcerting. It’s a mixed bag of feelings really, tiptoeing the line between humorous and downright creepy. With the Easter holiday fast approaching, here are 10 horrifying Easter Bunny costumes that’ll send your skin crawling. At least you’ll be prepared for whatever the holiday throws at you…

1. Why does it look so angry?

Really though, why does it look so angry? Who did this to you? Should we be concerned? Maybe someone stole this Easter Bunny’s carrot and now they’re out for revenge – stealing all the unsuspecting kids perhaps? One thing I do know is that I would have NOT sat on that lap as a kid, I’d be bolting right out of there.


2. Is this bun on drugs?

If it weren’t for the eyes this Easter Bunny may have turned out a little cute. But as it stands, those crazy pink eyes weren’t doing them any favours. It just looks very unhinged and downright psychotic. I don’t blame the kid for looking so worried.

3. He’s seen some things

If you think about it the Easter Bunny has to go through some shit. It’s the same old repetitive job every year and they don’t exactly get the appreciation they deserve for hiding all that chocolate. Who knows, they’ve probably stumbled across some questionable and worrying things on their quest to hide eggs. They’ve seen some things…

4. Maybe too much bun…

This Easter Bunny has a little too much “bunny” and not enough “Easter”. Seriously though, the animal side is a little too prominent that I’m sensing no life or personality from this thing. Can it even talk?


5. Nobody cared until I put on the mask.

This one honestly looks more like someone’s poor attempt at making a superhero costume. It seems like Superbunny won’t be taking off anytime soon as the mask does look a little villainous. I guess he’ll be sticking to his day job of taking pictures at the mall.

6. A little too minimalist

You’re not convincing anyone here that you’re a human-sized bunny rabbit. It’s pretty obvious to anyone that this is a man in a costume. Where’s the fur? The cottontail? The little pink nose? This Easter Bunny costume is an absolute failure, no kid’s gonna be happy seeing this.

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7. A real-life nightmare

This is probably the most acceptable Easter Bunny costume on this list, but this picture speaks to me on so many levels. It reminds me of all those nightmares where you’re trying to run but you just can’t seem to get anywhere. I relate to this girl on a spiritual level. Someone tell that bun to let go off her.

8. Perfect for a horror movie casting

This is easily the creepiest Easter on this list and I can vividly imagine it being on the set of a horror movie. Who made this costume and thought it’d be perfect for the holiday? And who bought it thinking it would be a good idea? They’re better off putting this away and taking it out when Halloween rolls around the corner.

9. A little too realistic

A tip of advice would be to please cover up your face. No one wants to see a grown man in an Easter Bunny costume. It’s just so many levels of awkwardness and embarrassment for both the kid and the person dressed up.


10. Umm…

Who approved this? Take it off and burn it. Please.

Have you had any horrifying experiences with the Easter Bunny? Let us know in the comments below!

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