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Just Because Your Horoscope Isn’t Always Right Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Accurate

Just Because Your Horoscope Isn’t Always Right Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Accurate

If you wonder why your horoscope isn't always right, it doesn't mean your horoscope is inaccurate! Check out why your horoscope might be off.

It can be frustrating when we read our daily horoscope to our delight that we are on course for a momentous day in the world of business, romance and money and then finding that by the end of the day everything didn’t go to plan. Believe us, we understand the frustration because it happens to all of us across all the zodiac from time to time. It’s important to note that the daily horoscopes do not affect absolutely everybody with that specific zodiac sign, it is ultimately a guide and just because you feel like nothing has changed, it most probably has, but you will only notice in the long term. We all have our good and bad days which is why you should take horoscopes with a pinch of salt and consider various aspects before you start presuming that your horoscope is not accurate. Here are some of the reasons as to why that just your horoscope isn’t always right, that it isn’t accurate.

1. The Alignment of The Planet

Our solar system is constantly moving in orbit to the sun and every planet is aligned in various positions because of the pace they are moving at. Their positions in terms of the zodiac are also a huge primer as to what life-changing effects it will have on you. For example, Saturn has transitioned into Capricorn meaning that Capricorn’s will see life changing affects relative to their horoscopes and all of this depends on that person’s birth chart. So, when we consider a Capricorn’s horoscope, only a few will be largely affected by what their horoscope says as Saturn will have entered the area of that birth chart position. So, in other words, just because you haven’t seen the full effect of your daily horoscope take place on that day, doesn’t mean that it is false, it’s just hasn’t affected you as it has with others that share your zodiac sign. If life-changing things occur, like your horoscope says, then others that share your zodiac sign may or may not also feel the effects due to planet’s alignment with the zodiac in the year.

2. The Moon

It’s important to remember that the moon plays a huge part in how our horoscope affects us as it is the biggest influence on the Sun. Everybody has a moon sign, and this is calculated by the time and year that you were born and where the moon was positioned in the zodiac at that time. So, for instance, you may be a Libra, but your moon sign could be Aquarius, it really depends and it’s different for everybody. The moon is a feminine symbol and represents time and horoscope cycles. The moon can affect our emotions in the pursuit of balancing positive and negative impulses. It’s important to consider when it comes to reading our horoscope that during the Moon’s 28-day cycle that it is in a different position all over the world at any given moment in time and can heavily impact how a day will go for everybody across the zodiac!

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3. Mercury’s Retrograde

In a few weeks’ time, this is going to be a one that affects everybody and it’s important to take horoscopes with a pinch of salt during this time from July 26-Aug19. It will appear that Mercury looks like it is going backwards in the sign of Leo for the duration of these three weeks. Mercury’s retrograde basically means that the planet looks as though it is going backwards when really it is slowing down as it orbits the sun. Seeing as this will occur in the constellation of Leo, this sign will be the most affected as well as Capricorn where these signs will see huge changes in their mood and romantic lives. Things will slow down and appear more negative than things should feel, which is why horoscopes during this time may not be right due to Mercury having such an impact. It’s important to remember however that this time is to be used wisely if you want positive effects when the retrograde is over, as it will be a time of reflection and life planning.

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