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Homemade Face Masks Too Easy Not To Try

Homemade Face Masks Too Easy Not To Try

These homemade face masks are good for your skin and the environment! What's not to love? Take a look at these 5 face masks and enjoy!

Homemade face masks are the best way to pamper yourself. Spa trips, manicures, and store-bought face masks are wonderful, yet expensive. Not to mention harmful to the environment. If you are looking for a more sustainable way to make yourself feel beautiful then look no further. By making your own face masks – at home -from natural materials, you stop food waste and cut out any man-made products soaking into your skin. Here are five face masks to get you started!

1. Avocado

If you struggle with dry- skin, then this one is for you. Cherished by the Australians for years, we’re late to the avocado party but better late than never right? Not only are avocados nutritious and full of health benefits, but they’re also versatile. They’re great on toast and perfect for your skin. Avocado oil is filled with antioxidants and vitamins that help heal dry skin that may be a result of health conditions such as eczema. If you do suffer from these conditions, try a patch test of the mask first to avoid irritation. To make this mask, all you need, is one avocado and a spot of honey, easy right?

Step 1 – Half the avocado, then skin and remove the seeds.


Step 2 – Mash the avocado until you have a creamy texture in a bowl.

Step 3 – Add one teaspoon of honey to the mash and stir until it reaches a paste consistency.

Step 4 – Apply to your face and leave for 15 mins.


Step 5 – Rinse with warm water and pat the face dry to avoid irritation.

Depending on how much you use, you’ll even have leftovers you can store in the fridge and use the following night. Something you can’t do with store-bought masks!

2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal has been used in the beauty industry for years and is found in tons of products; such as lotions or soaps. One of the best benefits is that oatmeal soaks up oil, which is ideal for people with oily skin. Ground oatmeal absorbs the oil which stops oily secretions from further developing in the pores. The oatmeal also moisturises the skin which tricks the skin into producing less oil too. If your skin also suffers from blotchiness, this natural ingredient can reduce redness. Helping you kill 2 birds with one stone! You will need, oatmeal, natural yoghurt, honey, and an egg. To create this oil stopping mask, follow the steps below!


Step 1 – Grind up ½ cup of oats and combine with ½ a cup of warm water.

Step 2 – Leave to settle for 5 mins.

Step 3 – Add 2 spoonful’s of natural yoghurt, 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 egg white and mix.


Step 4 – This mask is quite thick so apply in small amounts. Rinse after 15 mins.

3. Cucumber

Now we all have a cucumber lying in the back of our fridge in the summer months. Often neglected, but not today. Cucumbers are refreshing and give your skin a new lease on life. They are made up of mostly water which hydrates the skin whilst boosting anti-aging properties. This is great for people of all ages. The vitamins in cucumbers help people who want to appear younger and also soothes the skin making it perfect for acne sufferers.

Step 1- Cut the cucumber into slices and place in a blender.


Step 2 – Blend until you have a watery paste with no solid material.

Step 3 –  Smear onto your face and enjoy the fresh feel.

If you want to feel extra posh, keep 2 slices behind and place one on each eyelid so you can relax in the bath for a few minutes.

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4. Natural Yoghurt

If you grapple, trying to shop for face products -that won’t bother your sensitive skin- then look no further. Not only can you save money by making it at home, but you will also be in complete control of the ingredients. Greek yoghurt could be the answer to your prayers. It’s known for having twice the amount of protein than normal yoghurts. Meaning it tightens and fixes skin impurities or damaged cells. This creates a glow that makes your skin appear younger. If your skin is extra sensitive, you may feel a tingling sensation which is nothing to worry about. Yet if you feel a burning feeling, wash off immediately as you could be allergic to the lactic acid found in yoghurt.

Step 1 – Put a couple of spoonful’s of your Greek yoghurt in a bowl.


Step 2 – Mix with your chosen ingredient, either cocoa powder, lemon juice, honey or cucumber.

Step 3 – Blend together, until you have a paste and apply.

5. Berry Power

Last but in no means least. Strawberries are loaded with vitamin C, fibre and alpha hydroxyl acids; to name but a few. All of these protect your skin cells from developing spots, lighten and fade acne scarring and protect against free radicals. This is great if you are after a face mask that makes your skin glow and look younger.


To create this mask, follow these steps.

Step 1 – Combine a few mashed strawberries and a dash of lemon juice together in a bowl, until you form a paste.

Step 2 – Lather onto your face and relax for ten to fifteen minutes then wash off.


Now that you have all of these home remedies, get your girls together and create the ones you like best. Let us know how the pampering session goes in the comments below!

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