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8 Homemade And Thoughtful Gifts For When You’re Broke

8 Homemade And Thoughtful Gifts For When You’re Broke

A homemade gift is a great budget alternative to gift giving! Here are some great thoughtful ideas for gifts for friends, family or your significant other.

Everyone loves a homemade and thoughtful gift and, better yet, it barely costs you a thing. Your wallet with thank you and so will your homemade gift receiving friends.

1. Make Them A Creative Homemade Card

Let your creative juices flow with a masterpiece of a homemade gift! Giving a card is a common accompaniment to a gift, so why not make that homemade too? Bust out the paint or pencils and draw them something on front and write something heartfelt and thoughtful on the inside.

Alternatively, print out a photo of the two of you and add embellishments around it to create a cute little memento of your time together!


2. Bake Them A Treat

A homemade gift that you can eat too? Baking is always a sweet gift, especially if you make them their favourite treat of all time. Wrap it all up in some tissue paper and ribbon, it’ll look like it came from an artisan bakery! Baking is a great budget alternative as sugar, butter and flour are common staples that are probably already in your kitchen!

3. Pick Them Some Flowers

Flowers can make anyone smile, so go foraging in your garden for some of the brightest and prettiest flowers you can find and create a bouquet for them! Get your green thumb going and get creative with colours and foliage. Wind some brown twine or ribbon around the bottom and attach a sweet little note.

4. Make Them Dinner

Make a night out of it with this homemade gift! Think of their favourite meal and invite them over for a special dinner! Invite some other friends and ask them to contribute a plate and the meal will be sorted and the budget shared. Your friend will ultimately feel very special and loved, a priceless gift.


5. Scrunchies

Scrunchies have made a comeback in the biggest way lately and all you need is some fabric, elastic, safety pins and a hot glue gun! For fabric, you could use an old t shirt that you don’t wear anymore meaning you don’t have to go out and spend a fortune on new fabric!

Here’s a great tutorial to follow.

6. Body Scrub

Does your friend like to be pampered? Here’s a great homemade gift for that! With ingredients that are probably lying around in your kitchen you can whip up a great gift in no time.


Fill an empty jar with this deliciously smelling concoction and tie a ribbon around it and you’ve got a boutique looking homemade gift to give! Rummage around your local thrift store for vintage looking spoons to attach to the lid for a quirky and handy scoop.

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7. Pot them some plants!

Indoor plants such as succulents can be found at nursery for a small price. Plants are a thoughtful gift that will brighten up any room.

Buy a plain white pot and paint it yourself for a personal touch or wrap a brightly patterned tea towel around the pot and tie it with some brown twine. There are plenty of creative ways to display plants that will be the perfect additions to this homemade gift.

8. Pom Pom Bookmark

Has the weather turned cold in your neighborhood? If so this homemade gift is perfect for your bookworm friend or family member who loves to cosy up with a book. All you need is some yarn! Use brightly coloured yarn to jazz it up. Add your favourite book and you’ve got a wonderfully thoughtful gift.


Get the instructions here. 

Who are you making some special homemade gifts for? Let us know how yours turn out!

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