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12 Home Organisation Tips And Ideas Everyone Needs To Know

12 Home Organisation Tips And Ideas Everyone Needs To Know

These are the best home organisation tips and ideas that everyone needs to know when it comes to decorating or organising a flat, home, or dorm room! So get organised and declutter your room with these helpful tips!

Keeping your home organised, especially when living in a small space like a flat, is important. A decluttered space helps you to feel freer and calmer. Here is a list of 12 home organisation tips to improve your living space and improve how you feel in your home.

1. The first step to an organised home is a serious clear out.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how many organising boxes, drawers or cupboards you have – if you have too much clutter, your space will always look crowded and messy. It’s always a good time to have a good spring clean of your belongings, and even though it may feel like you are throwing away things you need, it will feel freeing afterwards to have so much more space.

Top things to throw away include old receipts and train tickets, shredded old paperwork, old half-used lotions and shower gels past their best-by, damaged or broken items and tights or socks with holes. Any clothes or shoes that are still in decent condition can be donated to charity. Clearing out is one of the best home organisation tips!


2. Use spice racks in your bathroom to store toiletries you use every day

Spice racks are the perfect size to keep a few of your most loved and used products close to the bathroom sink. Paint them up to match in with your bathroom décor.

3. Keep your linen closet tidy by storing duvet covers and sheets inside pillowcases

Linen closets and airing cupboards can easily become a cluttered heap of towels, sheets and duvet covers. Carefully folding duvet covers and sheets and keeping them inside their matching pillowcase keeps your cupboard looking tidy.

4. Put your food items into matching mason jars and label them for tidy shelving

Cupboards can easily look cluttered and messy with different size containers. For a cleaner look, transfer non-perishable items such as pasta, rice, flour, coffee, loose leaf tea, herbs and spices into glass mason jars for tidy looking shelves. This is one of the best home organisation tips!


5. Use wine racks to store clean, rolled-up towels in the bathroom

These racks are the perfect size to store rolled up towels for easy storage, whilst making them into an attractive-looking feature of your bathroom.

6. Make DIY dividers for your drawers out of sturdy card to keep them organised

Underwear drawers can easily become a cluttered mess which means you can’t see what you even have. After de-cluttering your drawers, these dividers keep everything tidy, meaning that you can easily find what you’re looking for. These are also useful in the kitchen and bathroom to organise cutlery or bathroom items such as flannels and cotton wool.

7. Keep your paper organised

Especially if you don’t have time to deal with all your post as it comes in, use cleverly labelled magazine racks to organise your daily post into bills, important letters, flyers and recyclable junk to stop it cluttering up kitchen counters or other spaces.
These can also be used to organise other paper documents that you have cluttering up draws and cupboards in your home.


8. Store seldom-worn but treasured items of clothing in vacuum-sealed bags

Some items of clothing, like expensive dresses or suits, take up a lot of space in your wardrobe and can leave it looking crammed. Keep these items stored safely in a vacuum-packed bag, which takes up a lot of space and can be stowed away on shelves at the top of your wardrobe or under your bed. This would also work for storing summer clothes in mid-winter, or getting those chunky winter jumpers out of your way in the hot summer months.

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9. Keep a basket of chargers that are individually cable tied

We all know the pain of having the clutter of cables around: laptop chargers, phone chargers, HDMI cables, etc. When not in use keep these organised by wrapping the cables tidily with cable ties and storing them together in a large container, such as a wicker basket, so they are all in the same place.


10. Always looking for your keys? Invest in a key organiser

Without keeping your keys organised, they can end up just about anywhere in the house, which more often than not causes a stressful situation when you’re in a rush to get out! Keep your keys in a safe spot and have a small key dish or hook so you always know where they are.

11. Keep your jewellery organised by adding little hooks to a shelving unit

These little hooks mean that you can keep your favourite necklaces both on display and tangle-free! The bonus of having a necklace organiser like this is you can use the shelf to store smaller jewellery boxes for items such as earrings and necklaces, and a bottle of your favourite perfume.

12. Use a magnetic strip on the inside of a bathroom drawer to keep little items where you can find them

Hair grips, tweezers and nail clippers are small items that can easily get misplaced. One of the best home organisation tips for this is to use a small magnetic strip on the inside of a drawer. This is a discreet but clever way to keep these small items tidy and in the right place.


Do you have any great home organisation tips and ideas that you can share? Let us know in the comments!

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