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10 Home Essentials For Anyone New To Adulting

So you’ve just moved out of your parents basement and into your first rental – good on you. But do you know the home essentials you need to buy first?

There are so many things you don’t realise you need until it comes to the moment you want them. Well, I’ve been to a few moving-house rodeos, so I thought I’d pass on the home essentials you didn’t even know you needed.

1. A Tool Kit

Something’s gonna break. You’re going to buy flat-pack furniture. Sometimes you just need a screwdriver to open a paint tin.

Every homeowner should have a tool kit with a few essentials – wrench, screwdrivers, Allen keys. A measuring tape and hammer are also handy, and if possible, a tool kit with exchangeable screw heads will have you set up for every emergency.

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2. More Than One Baking Tray

And in more that one size. You want a round one for pizza (if not a pizza stone, because we wanna live that bougie life). A deeper tray for baking slices or deep-dish meals like lasagne.

It’s also handy to have flat baking trays in a variety of sizes – that way if you’re only cooking a meal for one, you don’t have handle a bulky tray. The less you have to clean, the better, right?

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3. Two Sets Of Cutlery

One is never enough. Doesn’t matter if you live alone, or with other people – you can be damned sure to run out of these home essentials.

Forks and spoons are probably the most common to lose in the dishwasher, and if you don’t want to be cleaning dishes every night, you can buy individual pieces or small sets.

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4. A Full-Length Mirror

This is a must-have home essential for those who live in rentals, especially. If you own a home, you can always fix a mirror to the wall and be done with it.

For those who rent and move around often, invest in a standing mirror. You might not think you want it, but it really does save a lot of outfits from unfortunate coordination when you get dressed in the morning.

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5. A Step Ladder/Step Stool

Guaranteed there will be places you can’t reach. Whether it be cabinets in the kitchen, light fixtures in the roof, or manholes into the attic – you are certainly gonna need that step-up at some point.

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6. A First Aid Kit

Mozzie bites, paper cuts and small emergencies. A good first aid kit will have your back no matter if you get your hand stuck in a blender (it happens) or if you simply take a little skin off with a potato peeler.

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7. Kitchen Utensils

A can opener, bottle opener, kitchen scissors, and more than one chef’s knife. There are many kitchen utensils you don’t think about needing until you do.

Buy a spatula, a potato masher, an ice cream scoop. And thank us later when you realise they are actually handy to have around.

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8. Sticky Hooks

If you’re moving into a house you own, you can also use hook-and-nails. But for us renters, the sticky hook is the heart and soul of home decorating.

Since not all of us want (or are permitted) to put holes in the drywall, the sticky hook will hold all the posters and portraits you want.

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9. Cleaning Products

Don’t think you need a carpet cleaner? Wrong.

No matter how careful you are, life happens – and shit happens especially when you’re moving into a new place. Invest in some cleaning products, and you won’t have to worry about the wine sinking into the carpet, or any accidents with your pets as they get used to a new home.

Plus, it’s good for your peace of mind to know that the bathroom has been cleaning properly before you use. Ajax, White King, Jiff – grab a little of everything.

Oh, and some rags, broom, and brush and shovel too. All great, and overlooked, home essentials.

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10. A Good Vacuum

Seriously. You might not think you’re going to make the floor that dirty, but you can and you will.

Especially after moving in, your floors are going to be screaming for a good clean. A decent vacuum means fewer cleans in between each other, which makes this often un-thought of as a home essential.

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What are some home essentials you wish you had when you first moved house? Let us know in the comments below!

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Kaitlyn Loft

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