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10 Home Decor Bloggers To Follow on Instagram For Major Inspo

10 Home Decor Bloggers To Follow on Instagram For Major Inspo

Follow these home decor bloggers on Instagram to get inspired for your home decor. Find out what styles you would like for your home.

Whether you’re about to re-decorate your first home or simply wanting to spice up your very lived-in uni room, we can all benefit from a bit on interior decor inspiration. What better way to get inspired than through Instagram, which is full to the brim of pictures of stunning marbel bathrooms, adorable potted plants and oh so many cute home accessories that leave us dreaming of our very own dream home. If you are looking for a bit of home decor inspo or simply want to feast your eyes on some seriously beautiful homes, take a look at our top 10 home decor bloggers to follow on Instagram and marvel in all their gold-hardware and monochrome-themed glory.


Studio McGee is an interior design studio, so they know what they’re talking about when it comes to home decor! Take a look at their Insta page, which is @studiomcgee, where you will find serious inspiration for the home, but they are particularly good at styling up kitchens and individual corners to make them look cosy and unique. Their home decor style is bright, clean and airy while still being family-friendly and cosy, so if this sounds like it will float your boat, head over to their Insta page and prepare yourself for some serious home envy!


Emily Katz is a blogger and interior lover who knows exactly what she’s talking about. With a modern bohemian style and a strong dislike of plastic, this Macreme and sheepskin rug loving interior designer has a stunning blog and even more stunning Instagram page that will make you want to redesign your whole home. She often stresses the importance to her that everything in her home has personality and history, which definitely translates onto her stunning Instagram feed. Find her at @emily_katz.



Anne Sage’s home decor Instagram page, @citysage, is extremely telling of her style: simple, clean and modern while still being warm and inviting. With a love of neutral colours and the occasional potted plant, Anne’s style and talent for interiors is extremely envious! To see it for yourself, head over to her Instagram page @citysage.


If you love a minimalist style with a splash of colour, Kate Arens’s home interiors Instagram page is perfect for you. It is clear that she enjoys a minimal and clutter-free style with a sprinkle of sentiment. She is also known for her out-of-the-box styling which makes her designs unique and eye-catching, for example, when she used a vintage suitcase as a snazzy side table. So, if you are looking for a bit of inspo to add a unique edge to your home, have a sneek peak at Kate’s insta and I promise you won’t regret it!


Erin Hiemstra doesn’t like to call herself an interior designer, but prefers the term ‘accidental stylist’. Her go-to style is relaxed, modern, subtle and urban and she is a strong advocate of mixing together different materials and textures to create a more interesting and authentic feel to a room. If Erin’s style tickles your fancy, head over to her Instagram @apartment_34 for some serious jaw-dropping home decor inspo.



If you are looking for home decor bloggers to follow on Instagram to get inspiration for your home, then Ellie Lillstrom could be the one for you. Her interior design style is tasteful, eclectic and she loves to fill her home with pieces that are both practical (she has 2 sons!) and visually inspiring. Head on over to @ellie.lillstrom if you want to experience all the beauty for yourself.


One of our top favourite home décor Instagram pages is @homepolish, a company that hand-selects designers to join their team and grows their brands and businesses. This means that their Instagram is a mixed bag of different interior design styles, but this doesn’t make their feed any less captivating. With styles ranging from artful eclectic featuring a mixture of colours, patterns and epochs to comfortable modernist, Homepolish’s Instagram has interior design inspiration to fit everyone’s taste.

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Kate Watson-Smyth is an interior design blogger worth talking about. Kate’s aesthetic is monochrome with luxurious textiles and very few muted colours to create a home which is fresh and minimal while still being luxurious. She is also full of some really useful tips and tricks, such as painting the skirting board the same colour as the wall so as not to bring the ceiling down, so if you want to expand your interior design knowledge while also getting some serious home eye candy, pop over to her home Instagram page at @mad_about_the_house. She is definitely one of the home decor bloggers you should follow next!


Home blogger and social media professional, Melia Malmquist, has one of the most aesthetically pleasing, stylish and envious Instagram pages. So, it’s no surprise that it was voted one of the Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Interiors by Vogue Magazine. Imagine that! Her Scandinavian style rooted in functional, relaxed and natural spaces is reflected beautifully in her Instagram page which also emphasises her love of plants, natural materials and natural light. If you are hunting for a refreshingly simple and beautiful home décor Instagram to feed your eyes on, head over to Melia’s page and you will wonder why you weren’t following it earlier.


If you have a deep love for indoor plants and are a big advocate for indoor greenery, you will love @plantsindecor. I mean, he is one of the home decor bloggers that shares an Instagram page dedicated to indoor plants. So, whether you want to incorporate a few more mini cacti into your downstairs bathroom or are planning on turning your home into a small forest, this page will fulfill all your indoor green-finger needs and help you incorporate more life (literally!) into your home.


There you have it, our top 10 home decor bloggers to follow on Instagram for major home inspo! Which Instagram page is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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