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12 Holiday Makeup Looks To Copy This Season

12 Holiday Makeup Looks To Copy This Season

These holiday makeup looks are going to be perfect for anyone who wants to look on-point this Christmas! Here are some of the best!

Christmas is just around the corner, which means the time of festivities and holiday parties is coming! Getting ready for all those gatherings might be quite stressful, especially if you don’t feel brave enough to come up with your own holiday makeup look. Don’t worry! Here is a list of holiday makeup looks you should try to copy this season, so you look beautiful and put together without having to worry about the final look!

1. The Bold Natural

The first holiday makeup look to copy this season is probably one of my favourites. It is perfect for any occasion and will go with most of your outfits. The key to this makeup is the natural looking eyeshadows, stick with light brows and avoid any shimmers. To make this sensational focus on the bronzer on your cheeks, adding a subtle shape and colour to your face. But what makes this makeup so sensational is the bold red lip to finish it all off.

2. The Red Glitter

There is no better colour to use during Christmas than some red. To make this holiday makeup amazing, make sure only the centre of your eyelid has a glitter eyeshadow on it. Put a deeper and darker shadow in the crease. Some fake lashes will look great with this one! To finish it off, use a light red lipstick with pink undertones. Try to avoid bold colours, since you want the focus to be on your eyes!


3. The Subtle Festive Green

If you have always wanted to play with green eyeshadow, there is no better time to do it than at Christmas. This holiday makeup look is on the subtle side, making it easy for rock for everybody. The key here is to use the green shadow only on your bottom lash line. Use a glitter one for your look to pop even more! On your eyelid, you can do a cat eye, as bold as you want, but stay away from any bold shadows. Finish this look off with a red lip!

4. The Christmas Colours

If you want to experiment with colours even more this Christmas, you can combine both green and red shadows to create a magnificent makeup look. Use a red glitter shadow on the eyelid, on the bottom lash line go for a green one. A subtle eyeliner will work amazingly with these shadows. To finish off this amazing holiday makeup look, use a bold red lipstick.

5.The Pink Rose Gold

This holiday makeup look is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to go all out with bold eyeshadow colours but still wants the makeup to look spectacular! Put a pink shade in the crease of your eyelid, then to the centre of it apply a shimmery gold one! The last step is to use a pink lipstick, try to match it closely to your crease shadow for an unforgettable look!


6. The Dark Bold

This next holiday makeup is for any girl that wants a bold dark look to go with her Christmas outfit. This smokey eye using deep brown colours looks stunning, especially with a thin eyeliner. The key to this look is applying a dark lipstick with brown and red undertones.

7. The Golden Brown

The Golden Brown makeup look is a beautiful classic, perfect for any Christmas gathering. In the crease use a warm brown shade, in the centre of your eyelid go for a gold one. It doesn’t necessarily need to be shimmery if you don’t feel like it. To finish this look off use a deep red lipstick!

8. The Shimmery Gold

If you want your holiday makeup look to look spectacular this year, yet you don’t want to experiment with bold colours, this one is perfect for you! In the crease use a warm brown shade, but not too much, just for a bit of depth. Then all over the lid apply a golden shadow, the key here is to use a glittery one. To go one step further do a spectacular bold eyeliner. You want the centre of the attention to stay on the eyes, so go for a nude lipstick.


9. The Glitter Wave

This holiday makeup look is on the tricky side, but if well executed is absolutely breathtaking! For your lid use warm browns, making the shade darker in the crease. A sharp eyeliner is also key to this makeup. When you’re done with that, apply a silver glitter in the crease, following the natural shape of your eye. Add a little bit in the corner of the eye as well.  Finish this look off with a classic red lip!

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10. The Bold Green

This list wouldn’t be complete without a bold green holiday makeup look. Put some black eyeshadow in your crease (but be careful, it’s easy to overdo!) and in the centre focus the littery green eyeshadow! To go with this scrumptious eyes, go for a nude lipstick and a gentle bronzer on the cheeks.


11. The Winter Wonderland

The lonely blue eyeshadows in your palette can finally get some action with this blue look. Shimmery shadows will look better than matte ones, especially for using the silver in the crease. To take this holiday makeup look one step further, use some blue mascara on the bottom lashes. To finish it off use a nude lipstick!

12. The Simple Cateye

The last but certainly not least holiday makeup look is a simple yet stunning one. All you need is a sharp line on your eyes and a lovely nude shade on your lips. This look will definaltely complement any Christmas outfit!

What holiday makeup look are you planning to go for this year? Let us know in the comments down below!
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