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25 Hilarious AF Tweets About London That Are Just Too True

25 Hilarious AF Tweets About London That Are Just Too True

If you’ve ever been to London or especially if you’ve ever lived there you know that London is a world of it’s own. Read on for tweets about London.

If you’ve ever been to London or especially if you’ve ever lived there you know that London is a world of it’s own. It’s a whirlwind of expense and British weather (so basically rain) but is totally unforgettable at the same time. There really is no where like London. Read on for some hilarious and very true tweets about London.

1. The weather is so up and down it hurts.

English weather is nothing if not unpredictable so I’m not surprised that this secret garden in London comes equipped with heaters. Even in May.

2. The morning commute is basically one long obstacle course. 

Anyone who has ever travelled through London knows that just having long queues interrupt your travel is for amateurs.


3. Relationship advice from the unlikeliest of sources. 

Every Londoner knows that a cabbie is a fountain of knowledge, especially after a long night clubbing.

4. Walking is frowned upon. 

Before coming to London, where I lived everyone just walked everywhere. Now, after a few years I totally sympathise with the idea that a 15-minute walk is “a long, unbearable and unnecessary journey”.

5. The service information notices are always brilliant. 

In my time travelling around London I have seen some truly heartfelt service information notices; but this notice for Bruno Mars fans complete with lyrical references is truly a work of art!


6. London truly has some of the most unique bars. 

I have nothing else to say except what is the bar called and how do I get there? Not sure if alcohol and light sabers are the wisest mix however…

7. The bus journey is always an event. 

Every true Londoner dreads that moment when someone (who is most likely drunk) decides that they can take on the bus driver.



8. Being awkward and British is a challenge. 

Trust me, it’s not easy trying to change directions and having to wade yourself through a never ending torrent of slightly enraged citizens.

9. CCTV is just an everyday feature. 

Living in London you learn how to catch people out from a young age!

10. True Londoners never speak on the tube. 

Londoners have perfected the art of making it clear they are not up for anyone talking on the morning commute, which makes that moment when you see a horde of tourists start talking because they haven’t learnt the London code yet even more painful…


11. Getting used to the fact that everyone hates each other. 

I’m not going to lie it’s always a bit startling when I go back to the Midlands and someone is not trying to push past me on public transport.

12. The one with the backpack. 

Literally, the amount of times I’ve had to wait because someone has tried to run in at the last minute and got their backpack caught is ridiculous.

13. When there is literally no more space on the bus. 

I genuinely do not know how London bus drivers cope sometimes.


14. Remain British at all times.

This tweet proves once and for all that there is nothing that a British person values more than a pint. Especially when they had to pay the London price for it.

15. The real London look.

Even when they open the windows it does nothing I tell you. Nothing. There is no way to escape the sweaty summer tube.


16. The struggle is real.

To be honest trying to find any accommodation in London that will not cripple you financially is virtually impossible.

17. You know the pain of Southern Rail. 

You probably won’t get this unless you’ve ever travelled on Southern Rail but those who have know this pain far too well.



18. Using travel problems to your advantage. 

The strikes were truly a nightmare to anyone who commutes but I can’t help at laugh at those who used them to their advantage.

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19. And keeping a stiff upper lip when travel problems do take over. 

Unsurprisingly, those who were affected by the strike refused to let them stop being British and keep up the ruse of polite conversation.


20. Anything can become posh.

As someone from the Midlands this is truly painful to see. Not even Greggs is safe.

21. Seeing people cosplaying is just a normal day. 

You’d be surprised how little stares you get in London when walking around on the tube all day in a costume.

22. Basically all London bus drivers are legends.

Only London bus drivers refuse to let the morning slog get them down.


23. There is security everywhere.

Even the kebab shops in London don’t escape from needing that extra bit of security you don’t see anywhere else in the country.


24. The cyclists don’t take any nonsense.

Let’s face it they more than had that coming to them. A victory for anyone who has ever been catcalled anywhere.


25. London truly is beautiful.

There has to be a reason so many people gravitate to London despite the steep rent prices and the hell that is commuting, and it is simply because London truly is stunning.

Have you seen anymore hilarious tweets about London? Let us know in the comments below!
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